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    I´d like to loot some villages. Also, the possibility to attack anyone, anytime would be great. Now my Brothers are too kind people.
    You could attack anyone and get over it without consequences, if every attacked, for example, caravan members are killed. Who is there to tell who them killed? BUT, if even one escaped, that is an different story. Still, after some time, militia comes to investigate and if there is suspicious tracks, they go tracking them.

    If village is beaten, looting starts, but it takes time so it is dangerous task. Militia would come anytime. Burning village: smoke rises far away.

    Battle would lead to corpse piles. They should be left as seen objects in the world map. If player does not want to take time to bury or burn them. This is also hint for burning militia. They follow players tracks then.

    What do you think?

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    this is a very interesting idea and should give us more possibilities in terms of playstile
    hope they implement it : )

    btw: are you german ?

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    The game world needs to be more interactive, both for those who chose a dark and evil company, and for those who want to play a company of saints.

    What options would you guys like to have when interacting with the different NPCs on the map?

    Peasants: Attack or share food for rumors.
    Militia: Attack or possibility to get mission.
    Trading caravan: Attack or trade. (food/goods)
    Supply caravan: Attack or trade (armor/weapons)

    Any other options?

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    I like the idea of a mobile interaction site, like a settlement, but depicting a caravan or a marching military force.


    So when you are within engagement range, you receive a prompt asking how you wish to proceed…
    1.Inquire (go to “settlement” screen) where they’ll be
    -Old Wife / Surgeon : A Healer
    -Hands / Troops : General rumors |or| Who they’ve run across
    -Caravan / Quartermaster: Tiny market based on unit type
    -Small Quests: i.e. we’re heading to X for a tiny sum please travel with us, etc.
    2.Demand Surrender: Demand they hand over goods (refusal based on comparative unit strength)
    3.Slay Them: Attack (With chance your black deeds harm relations.)

    Perhaps all hostiles could offer similar prompts as well…
    2.Demand surrender (refusal based on comparative unit strength)
    -Caravan/Town: Seeing their odds they… hand over their goods / defy you
    -Bandits/Troops: Seeing their odds they… hand themselves over / make themselves scarce / defy you
    -Goblins: Not able to understand they… launch themselves preemptively / sneak away
    -Orks: Your gibberish pleas… ; are to no avail / cause their largest ork to gesture for 1 to 1.
    -Undead: A stoney silence greets you, what did you expect?
    -Beasts: Clanging together steel and shouting, the foul beasts… ; flee / attack regardless. (More effective on Ghouls)
    3. Bargain
    -Bandits/Troops: Offering gold instead of violence, the men…; take your bribe (-Gold) / sneer and charge (More effective on Bandits)
    -Goblins: Seeing no fight in you, they…; gesture you leave your supplies / gleefully engage (More effective on a Shaman)
    -Orks: Your gibberish pleas… ; are to no avail / cause their largest ork to gesture for 1 to 1. (Less effective on Young Orks)
    -Undead: A stoney silence greets you, what did you expect?
    -Beasts: Abandoning food to sate these monsters, the beasts… ; gauge themselves distracted (-Food) / ignore your offering. (More effective on direwolves)

    So on and so forth, but yeah definitely it would be good to have the option to play amorally, outside of the contracts.

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