Topic: Make the Hound Master Better and Hound: Suggestions.

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    This guy has been working with dogs, (presumably all his life right?) but all he gets is a measly 10+ resolve bonus if it is alive. That kinda…is not helpful at all. My suggestions for making the class a little better would be remove or half or decrease the fatigue penalty that equipping the dog has (That -10 and something else). Second possibility would be to allow him to have a chance to recall his hound back into his inventory. Make this like…maybe a 50/50 or higher since it is presumable that he has trained his hound. Take my experience so far. I needed the hound to pin down a bandit archer, which the dog can straight up murder no problem and he did. Then he turned his attention on the bandit chief, who was already in combat with like three of my guys. It attacks him, next to no armor damaged, no help whatsoever. So what the bandit chief did was turn around and lop my dog’s head off…. It just makes more sense for the Hound master to have a chance to recall his dog once it has completed its job/whatever it chooses to do.

    One more thing. Please don’t let my puppies be decapitated. Or at least let me put a helmet and gorget on it. I have not touched the game since my hound’s head was sent flying across the screen.

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