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    Avatar photoOh Brother

    Purely for aesthetics, would you consider adding a button in the menu bar to toggle the location names on/off? When the overland map is zoomed out completely, it becomes convoluted with the names of unexplored locations, and conceals much of the landscape.

    Also perhaps click the same button again to show only objective location names, and a third time to restore all location names on the map.

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    Avatar photoRap

    Names of locations other than those of human towns will no longer be shown on the map come next update, though you can still read them in the tooltip when hovering over. Instead, there’s now a banner shown atop the location, just like the noble banners are atop towns, which tells which sub-faction, if any, has claimed that location. It looks like this:

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    Avatar photoRahziel

    Won’t that bring a new set of problems?
    Like being unable to see what’s underneath all the banners littered all over the map when you zoom out and banners ‘grow in size’ ?

    As the original intention of the request was to be able to see the map clearly without any obstruction, be it name tags or banners, changing one for the other won’t solve it. Even if it’s not a UI button but a simple hotkey, I would like to have an ability to turn off just banners/names or all UI overlay altogether leaving only the map.

    If it would allow us to switch between differents sets of things we could see, then even better.

    Avatar photoIeuan Mawr

    +1 Rahziel’s post

    Rap – I like the factions/sub-factions overlay.

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