Topic: Map Swarming with enemies, economy Stagnating.

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    Hi there.
    I have a 70+ days game, where i put up a decent company with 3 shield warriors, 2 pikemen and 3 archers. But there are some things that i don’t understand:
    My map is swarming with enemy units, all cities are impoverished, and all the major hideouts are ridiculously strong. Yet, the “human” faction builds no city, builds not watchtowers, there are no new places and in my opinion the world map is quite small.
    How is my band supposed to win vs bands of 11 orcs, if i can barely reach 12? 1v1 for example there is no way i can win. I can’t assault hideouts with so few men. I did a lot of “discovery” quest, yet the new places NEVER are a new “Raze” Quest. So they stay there waiting for me to lose men and supplies.
    Am i Doing/Saying anything wrong? Is this the same for you too?

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    You need more men. Even cheap 80 gold ones armed with just a spear. They are meat shields and allow you to hit harder targets for a better pay off.
    And yeah, the humans don’t build new settlements. But impoverished settlements don’t have any bearing on the available contracts which are the primary source of income for a long while. And the map is decently large if you go out into the wild lands, far from human settlements. But I wouldn’t advise that until you have a full roster of level 8 or above.

    If you just want some money to build your roster, caravan contracts are perfect.

    And lastly, the “discovery” quest locations will never be “Raze” quests, just not programmed that way.

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