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    As the official release is early 2017, maybe this won’t be really useful, but since I’m here, I’ll go with some brainstorming.
    Also, let me apologize upfront if I end up repeating something that has already been suggested and discussed, or if something it’s simply already in the game and I just never encountered it.


    Tracking Toggle Utility
    right now turning Tracking off serves little purpose, so I’m suggesting:
    – Tracking ON -> same as now
    – Tracking OFF -> your company move faster, as you’re not carefully searching for tracks (meaning less food spent per distance travelled)

    *Tracking ON should have some cooldown after being turned off, to prevent spamming on/off and getting a glimpse of enemy tracks while essentially dodging the tracking speed reduction.
    *of course doing the opposite is also possibile (OFF -> same as now; ON -> slows movement, enables tracking).

    Battle Bonds
    Fighting frequently together and/or random events could make two soldiers “bond”, giving them a little buff when near each other (i.e. “Lone Wolf”-like perk with added condition of them being near), but maybe with downsides like damage to hitpoints to either one triggers resolve check for both, death of one may cause trauma/desertion of the other and such (?)

    Company Captain (Player Character?) Customization
    Early barber shop for “that guy who gets shot in the chest at the beginning”! XD

    Company Captain (Player Character?) Personality Perk
    Company Captain gains 1 (and only 1) random benefit when recruiting (like being able to know one stat/merit/flaw), or when negotiating contracts (like being payed more a for specific contract type or enemy type), or when buying items and services (like getting discounts in 1 type of building) and so on.
    *to prevent multiple game resets aimed at getting a specific perk, Company Captain should obtain said perk after completely healing up, or even later.

    Smith Background
    Because you can already recruit Bowyers, so why not XD

    On single individuals and/or on the “Company’s name” (thus afflicting everyone in the team) and having social consequences if someone sees you and live to tell the tale [really dull example: Curse of the Black Pearl -> turns you to undead, indirectly boosting your combat capabilities, but during night your team goes full-skeleton and thus treated as an undead patrol by autorities. Also, necromancers get to possess and kill your guys XD (for the sake of permadeath, should differ from the obvious movie reference by removing the immortality part and having soldiers die/crumble when mortally wounded) ].

    Noble House Specialty
    > 1 special unit within every noble house, depending on house’s history, having a specialty [i.e. Ashbringers that can smite Undead, Direbeast Masters with deployable direwolf companion, Martial Artists with reduced barehanded attack action cost and +2 barehanded abilities if no weapons are equipped, and so on ] in which you can train an 11th character, making thus a 12th character, but only after you’ve gained almost maximum reputation with said noble house, and maybe completing a final specific mission (making building good reputation with noble houses interesting beside choosing sides in the “war crisis” scenario?)

    Major Rival Mercenary Companies moving on map
    I mean moving on map as you do, could be paid by player to help or pay player to be helped, having a place in the relation’s tab and an opinion on you based on comparing their fame/reputation with yours, and try to hinder you, help you or even strike after you’ve been weakened by the battle (similar to player intervention during npc battles) if opportunity knocks.

    Random Events when intervening into NPC battles without reason
    Mostly just “thanks for the help, there’s still good in this world” with little fame/reputation boost, sometimes contract offers to continue the journey with them as guards (if player has no active contract ofc), occasionally a little istant reward and rarely caravan and bandits joining forces against you (IT’S A TRAP!!).


    Sorry for the long post guys XD

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    They already plan to implement some kind of bounds with the new mood sistem.

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    I am already thinking about DLCs…. is it too soon?

    Avatar photoOrthega

    They already plan to implement some kind of bounds with the new mood sistem.

    Thanks for the heads up, missed that!

    Avatar photoOrthega

    I am already thinking about DLCs…. is it too soon?

    Well, my answer would be yes.
    From my point of view, as the game is not released yet the devs are surely working like crazy to deliver it on time, and for now they probably do not have the actual time to think about what to add/implement after the release.

    Talking about your ideas or what you would like to see in the game is always good, so maybe it is too soon for DLCs, but that should not keep you from suggesting stuff you think would work! :D

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