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    do you know why many lords pay the players to do their patrolling? because walking kills their feet! so why dont gave them a horse to make their feudal luxury life a little easier?

    i know that the player wont be able to mount a horse, it will be too broken and also a little weird and could be difficult to archive. but the lords are rare AI charaters, not player right? :D
    so, here is my suggestion:

    first, let the lords have a horse(goblin-style!!);
    second, dont let them have too much mobility, because they are heavily armored horses, cant actually run(lets be frank,so the lords wont dive and die);
    last, grant the lord who rides a horse a fighting ability: charge, just like those orcs.

    ta da!! then we will have some real lords, not just another ventera soldier in an army. :D

    Avatar photothorismund

    I also think there should be horses in this.
    Also for the Merchs.

    You know, make it expensive, make them die, gief orc charge, gief lances, gief more mapspeed (reduce on foot speed/make it depend on carried weight/gief wagon btw) thatstuff.

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    I have a feeling horses is a thing that have been discussed here a lot, but I can’t find a proper thread about it, so i decided to necro this one. (Nice thread title, btw).

    I got the impression that giving the battle brothers horses to use in combat is out of the question, but how about using horses to move around the world map?

    Horses would make a company move faster on roads and plains, but slower in mountains and swamps.

    The battle brothers could also get a wagon (just like the caravans) and move faster on roads, just tiny bit faster on plains, slower in forests and extremely slow in mountains or swamps. BUT a wagon would increase the amount of stuff the company could haul around. Wagons could be destroyed in combat, just like the caravans. If destroyed, the number of items exeeding the normal inventory amount could be destroyed at random, or the player could be given the chance to choose what he prefer to leave behind.

    Would this be something that could fit the game?

    PS. I also like the idea of mounted AI controlled lords. So +1. :)

    Avatar photoSuperCaffeineDude

    It would be a shame not to have something similar to the wolf-rider system for noble faction Knights, or as you suggest the nobles themselves.

    I can kind of see how they could implement riding for the BBrothers, with a stable building housing item slots containing horses, some with fabric/chain caparisons and some nothing, like the kennels. And a high level “Rider” ability that makes combat on horseback effective, without which there are penalties to hit-chance and combat-actions. To make mounted units more shocktrooper like.
    If horses had a separate morale bar to their rider, they could also be more easily panicked when facing the undead or smelly orks.

    But without being implemented as an optional augmentation for your outfit, just some a simple knight on a horse will do, with the combo able to do a charge similar to the orks, and of the two should the horse survive give it some stomp ability and some feeble morale.

    Avatar photoHanekem

    Well, Horses were expensive, warhorses moreso, they need food and care and training, if wounded might need to be put down and if they fall in battle they might be pinning the rider, making him an easy target.
    I’d love to have Horses in the company, even if the FAQ says it is unlikely, but only if they are properly implemented (with all the associated costs and dangers that go with horsemanship) mostly it’d be a great tool to do a pursuit (honestly after the pike, a charge against a spear-wall is not a good idea) or to hunt archers. (less full armor knight on horseback and more light cav)

    That said, even if we don’t get em, they should be in the setting, and belong to the noble factions’ arsenal (both as elite shock troops and scouts/harassers)

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