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    I know that there is a midget trait that makes a mercenary do less damage, but slightly harder to hit. I was wondering, if this was going to be expanded on even more. For example, a behemoth of a person that does more damage and has higher fatigue making beefy weapons more viable, but is a lot easier to hit because of his size as well as being much slower. Or a runt that moves a lot quicker and is better at evasion, but has less health and fatigue making them better for using ranged weapons. Just curious if that will be a thing or having people being strong or quick is as far as it will go. I currently like the current traits, and I think it would add more character as well as allowing mercenaries to have more dynamic traits that aren’t just straight up good or bad as it currently is. Right now it’s you get some traits like iron lungs and the mercenary is a must have, but get something like them always having wavering morale at the start with superstitious and its an insta-kick. I know you guys are busy finishing the final update, so I wouldn’t mind, if you guys would rather work on that than reply to my suggestions that someone else in the forum has probably already said somewhere. Thank you and have a nice day

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    I had been thinking it would be good to have a Gigantic trait that boosts hit points by some 50% and damage by some 10% but with around -15 from melee and ranged defence. I think such a character would have an equal chance to have either high or low max fatigue (along with additional traits that can either enhance or diminish fatigue factors). Such a trait would make it more viable to build characters primarily around toughness.

    As for evasive runts, I’ve noticed that a lot of thieves seem to be Asthmatic these days (and sometimes Short as well).

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