Topic: Mercs available in towns. Traits are underpowered. Leveling system.

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    System is now that if town doesnt have enough mercs when you visit the town, game will generate more mercs. So if town is full of mercs ,same mercs will stay there forever.

    So basically I end up recruiting all mercs and kicking them out. Then wait 3 days and see if there are anyone I want. Its very expensive and annoying when your party is almost full, You have to recruit one and then go to party window to kick him and recruit another one and so on. So I end up making town empty of mercs, wait 3 days, save, visit the town, if only beggars were generated ,then I just load, visit the town again, as long as I get someone I want. Because its pain to empty the town from mercs again. This is an end game problem, when I have enough money to get the best guys I want.

    Every 3 days just wipe out all mercs and generate new ones? Maybe you could make recruiting system more innovative and not just randomly generated mercs? As I find current system overly annoying and time consuming.

    Have you thought about making more traits? More powerful ones? Now traits dont really matter that much and backgrounds are more important. If traits were more powerful and rare, it would make your brothers to feel more special from each other. +5 Melee trait doesnt really matter but if you automatically get max roll for melee too when character is generated, it would be better. Now if you get the lowest roll for melee with trait +5 melee, you still end up having worse melee than someone with same background, who gets the best roll.

    I think Football manager has the most unique lvling system. Every player gets hidden potential ability which tells how high his stats can get. You really start caring about your players when you have trained them from scratch and this player starts to show promise and after time becomes your best player, stats wise. You really start to care about those players. Its the best feeling if you give someone a chance and he becomes great. I read your opinion about lvling from steam forums and I was really impressed about the fact you dont want lvling to be grinding for stats after players learn triggers. I like the fact you making the game easy to play and random. Cheers, have fun making this game :).

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    That’s not actually how it works.

    Every few days there’s a chance that some mercenaries decide to travel elsewhere and new ones arrive. Some may stay a while in a single town, but they won’t stay forever. Sometimes mercenaries leave, but no new ones arrive for a while. Clearing a town of mercenaries entirely will always result in new ones arriving as not to leave the player without any recruiting options at all.

    The fact that you eliminated money as a concern when hiring characters is an achievement, but it doesn’t mean you should be able to do the same with quality of characters available, ever. Not that the recruiting system can’t be improved upon, but there is a reason it is like this. If we wanted you to always have the best recruiting options available, we’d do so. But we don’t. We want you to pick up less-than-ideal candidates and mold them into mercenaries, and we want you to keep an eye out for fitting recruits as you roam the lands, not to lay siege to a town until the right recruit strolls along.

    I get that reloading until your dream mercenary comes along can be an annoying experience – but that’s one of your own doing, your own choice on how to play this game. It’s perfectly playable without resorting to this.

    We won’t wipe the recruiting roster every 3 days and fill it again. However, we may try to make it more based on the location you’re at and your reputation in the world in the future.

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    However, we may try to make it more based on the location you’re at and your reputation in the world in the future.

    Finding character types like Killer-on-the-run/Thief/Poacher/Raider available for recruitment in castle/tower is weird, though.
    They shouldn’t be able to roam there ‘free’, only stay behind bars or on gallows.
    But i have seen some bold enough or stupid to disregard this common sense.

    Imo, they should be found more likely in some remote villages, far away from places swarmed with knights, militia and guards.

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