Topic: Minor Tweak to the daily salary system

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    Right now, even if you are 30 minutes away from the town which is going to pay you 2000 crowns for a job well done, one of your mercs might leave you because you’re a few crowns short on the exact time pay is distributed.

    This is uhh, kind of annoying. Why not, instead, use a system similar to Mount and Blade. If you’re short on payday, give you a ‘debt’ that amounts to 110% of what you couldn’t pay, and add that amount to the wages due the next day.

    So if I pay my company 100 crowns daily, and I only come up with 90 crowns, I will have to pay 111 crowns the next day. Only if I don’t come up with enough money to liquidate my debts the next day will mercs start deserting.

    This would remove the the infuriating situation I described earlier, and still make it somewhat painful to not be able to pay your men on time.

    Avatar photoRap

    Certainly worth considering. We’ll take a look at the payment and desertion mechanics as part of the final worldmap update.

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    Avatar photoMonsieur Fourmi

    I agree, this would indeed remove some unnecessary frustration! :)

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