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    So, I’ve played a little bit and i noticed something odd. When my reputation raised, the only tasks I get are so hard it’s almost impossible not to lose someone in a battle. For example, last fight i had to battle 10 raiders and 4 archers with a group of 11 people. It’s a LITTLE unfair, to pit people against enemies that are both well trained, well geared AND got better numbers or like 16 goblins in a camp, etc, etc.

    My point is, when people die, you need to recruit new ones, and they are not going to be good at first, and there are no missions to train them on. So instead of lords giving missions based on your reputation, how about give players some choice. Like a “task board” with tasks of various difficulty. Ranging from lets say Easy (copper cup), Medium (Silver cup) and hard (gold cup). So like at first you’d be able to only get the Copper cup missions, but with reputation growth the silver cup and gold cup would open as well. Higher reputation WOULDN’T close you the choice of taking on something easier though.

    For example, i enter a town. There are two missions available. With my reputable level of reputation i get to choose a hard mission (marked with a golden cup) which is to fight a necromancer, so obviously it will be paid nicely, but hard and there’s also a mission about bandits that have a camp nearby, and it’s a easy mission ( copper cup marks it), and since its easy, i might have to battle a camp of bandits but most of them would be for example thugs instead of raiders. It’s easier so it pays worse, but it lets the lower skilled mercs in your group gain experience.

    I raise this because no mercenary company would choose only the hardest assignments, and it seems that in battle brothers THAT is the CASE. I always get to see SOME lord, that has an ultra hard, fight orcs/necromancers/raiders mission, but i don’t get to fight something easy, like bandit thugs, zombies, etc. It’s fun to sometimes have a light fight instead of a battle to the death each day, every day.

    Nobody got rich by being dead. :P

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    I like that suggestion, right now the contract is too much a dice throw in the dark..

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