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    Avatar photogoldenbannermen

    The mission site is on the other side of the island, i tried to move there but i cannot i think because the brother cannot cross the water (ofcourse)

    is there any boat or is this an error?

    Avatar photoK3v33

    I’m pretty certain you can cross water without a boat. I’ve never used a boat for travel in the game to another area. I think if you get close enough to the shore, you can cross to an island. Try clicking on the water?

    Avatar photogoldenbannermen

    yeah i tried clicking on the water and on the land (where the mission site are). and the character stop on the halfway crossing.
    its true that the brother can cross water but for not too far. if its going way too far from the land the party will stop like its blocked pathway

    sorry for bad english

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    Avatar photogoldenbannermen

    thank you good sir :)

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