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    I am not sure where there is a thread on here for this. So I will start this here.

    A lot of people on the steam forums are wanting mod support and a steam workshop to share with others.

    With modding I want to be able to tweak the end game scenarios to large numbers of enemies with all out chaos. And be able to use all those slots for your troops and have a bigger battle party. And bigger battles. I’m a huge roleplayer and I would like to do even more in the game. ;)

    Also it would be awesome if we could have more hairstyles and beards and faces. :o And clothes overall. New armors and such. Would be awesome. And all that could be done with modders. Also more flags and banners. Would be awesome!

    I wonder if you guys could make a paid DLC expansion. Would be awesome! I did see you had plans on making a new oriental type style expansion with new cultures and armors etc. That would be pretty awesome!

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