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    Avatar photoUlrich

    So, i found very cool bug, which helps became very rich in few minutes of the game. I reproduced this bug 3 times each time starting a new campaign.

    Here is instructions how to get rich:

    1. Start the game as challenging. (dont know or that works with others difficulties)
    2. Win first tutorial battle.
    3. Go to village and talk about that with an elder guy and accept conntract for killing Weasel. ( still not sure if this needed.)
    4. Load autosave.
    5. Nothing happens? Go to village. Now you should get first tutorial battle.
    6. Win the battle and get over 50 000 gold.
    7. Now, you can buy a house and live happily ever after.

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    Avatar photoMonsieur Fourmi

    Wow seems you bit the game really fast, gg !

    Avatar photoJaysen

    hehe okay, we already have a contender for the weirdest bug nomination – and that only 2 hours after release! (We are on it to fix it though ;))

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    Avatar photopitvipers

    i encountered this same bug, i can recreate it every time by walking on the map before the opening fight happens, no need for the autosave you mentioned, tried it on all difficulties, works for all of them.
    the amount of money you get seems to be between 51k and 60k~

    Avatar photoKern

    I’ve been getting this bug by:

    Starting a new game on Deadly. As soon as the game loads click on the nearest village and start moving toward the village. When I get to the village the introduction battle loads instead of the village. After the battle there is a short buzzing sound. Then the village loads and I agree to to after the Weasel or not. Either way I get 40,000 to 60,000 gold.

    I have tried to duplicate the bug several times and the key seems to be to get the party moving before the introduction battle starts. If I wait for a second before moving when a new game starts the intro battle loads and the payout at the village is normal.

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