Topic: Morale check for killing low "quality" characters

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    Hi, I faced a small problem with using dogs that their death often totally increase morale of enemies and reduce mine. And vise verse – killing for example young orcs usually hard influences on Orc Warriors.

    So, current system already includes modifier based on victim XP – so killing more valuable enemy gives better chance to improve morale. And on the one hand expert fighter has higher resolve, but on the other hand it looks not enough.

    What about icluding a chracter XP into this formula – if my dog dies it’s just 200 crowns (but anyway it rises morale-check), death of orc warrior for young orcs should have bigger impact than death young orc for orc warrior.

    Also now only bystanders can icrease or reduce modifier for morale check, but it’s a bit strange when 20-30 spiders worry about 2-3 death of their swarm.

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