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    Heya. With the new update which introduces the morale failure mechanic when being surrounded by enemies, there is also a new issue with spearwall. The enemy moves into the spearwall space, and gets pushed away but still triggers morale failure. Because of this, if the enemy goes in and gets pushed out repeatedly the Brother gets the morale drop check repeatedly as well. Clearly this is a bug?

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    Rap said: it works as intended.

    Avatar photoFlickering

    No, the developer said this is worked as planed.

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    They did say that (saw it on the Steam forums). That said, it doesn’t make any sense, and they should consider giving it another look. Why would a combatants morale be effected negatively by successfully repelling the enemy? Especially repelling them by stabbing them with a spear – the check makes sense if an enemy is able to close into melee range, but not if they were repelled.

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    I second “that makes no sense” statement. The morale check is supposed to be triggered by getting surrounded. But in this case the bro not only doesn’t get overwhelmed, he successfully attacks the enemy.

    How the hell is that supposed to be a bad thing? “Omigosh I just stabbed that nice fella in the guts but maybe he just wanted to give me a hug, I feel so guilty”?

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