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    Hello to everevody, don´t know if anybody have allready think of this but i´m gonna post it.
    I was thinking just yet how wonderfoul is seeing a flying head separeted from the body by a greatsword slash, or a head getting smush like a pottatoe by a mace. But is this just enoght? How about arms and legs geting dismemberd by swords? or stomachs beeing opend by spears? or an arrow creapling an extremity? or a man cut in half by a greataxe? (that last one is my favorite XD). BRAVE HEART KIND OF GORE MAN!!!
    So my actuall sugestion is why not creat this moments, in the same style the game has, with the specific recruiments for each action? Like for example the Decapitate ability for the Military Cleaver
    Also, how about more sreaming in the battle map?, like for example some “Run for your lifes!” or “Please, I don´t wanna die!” when fleeing, or some “My sword is asking for mor orc trash!” when gainning confidence, the same for the Taunt ability, some good old medival cursing would be great.
    That beeing said, the game looks really good and I have some other suggestions about the worldmap and the general cours of the game, but i want see if the devs have some ideas for this topics allready.

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    Well, I think the current level of gore gets the point across. We may add a few more things later on if we feel that it adds to the game (like illustrating that certain boss enemies are especially dangerous), but there are no plans to add any other dismembered body parts. There’ll be lot more sounds coming.

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