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    Ok, so I’m not sure if this had been brought up before and I haven’t really searched the forums its just an idea I was thinking of, sorry for being that guy haha. What I mean by death animations is something like this, you bury your axe into a raiders shoulder or something and massive quantities of blood gush out and suddenly the now deceased raider flops over dead in a scream of agony or something, but while he is going down you actually see the man flail around a little bit and see his gruesome wounds such as a severed arm or a giant gap where the blade cut through the flesh and bone. I like how heads will fly off from time to time if struck in the head but there were some serious wounds happening due to the gruesome nature of the weapons themselves at that time. Another example would be an archer shoots a man in the face and his arrow lands in the eye socket, do you think we would be able to see an animation or something of the man clutching at his now impaled eyeball and screaming in agony as he flops over dead? Maybe a mace blow to the head will completely crush a mans skull into mush, an eyeball pops out, a helmet now thoroughly dented is permanently wedged into a man cranium. I think it would be pretty interesting to see some weapon specific death animations. Just a thought, I would appreciate any feedback, just trying to help a great game be even better :)

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    I don’t quite know how well this would work. The game doesn’t have any real fluid movement and rather seems painted and still. A fluid death animation may be hard to achieve with the art style.

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    Limb separation would also be cool.

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    I think given that each character is made up of two still images, animations are fairly unlikely, with still imagery their artist can pump out new assets fairly quickly. Plus as Adam just mentioned the art style kind of wouldn’t compliment it.

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