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    Avatar photoImzFrozen

    Hey there, i played for some time and i feel that there aren’t many different enemies. What about some new beasts since there are not many? I thought that it would be a good idea to add something like this:

    -Yeti (Found in ice caverns, very high health and attacks multiple targets with bare hands. Maybe can also throw ice boulders.)
    -Hydra (Some extremely hard boss that occupies many tiles and has many heads attacking.)
    -Chimera (A weaker version of Hydra.)
    -Imp (Very high initiative and good movement, can be good with ranged weapons.)
    -Mermaid (Found in places with a lot of water. Equipped with long spears, tridents and shields.)
    -Centaur (Just like humans but faster and very good with ranged weapons.)

    What do you think, is there any chance to implement some of them?

    Avatar photoMarsh The Muddy

    So basically you are suggesting a bunch of mythical creatures in a game that tries to have a low-fantasy setting… I’m not saying that it won’t be possible to add those in the game(by modding), but they simply don’t fit… You might as well have suggested space marines and aliens :)

    Avatar photoImzFrozen

    If there are werewolves and orcs why there can’t be centaurs or yetis? Explain to me how that doesn’t fit.

    Avatar photoYetAnotherFool

    I think he’s trying to argue that orcs, golblins, werewolves and undead are still ‘light’ mythical creatures. I don’t see a problem with your suggestions, but they I also have to say that they take away the gritty, medieval feeling if you think about it. Most of your suggested creatures are based in greek mythology for example.

    However, the definition is wide open, as the banners available in the game also suggest interesting fable creatures. I think it would be cool to have some kind of ‘Drowner’ type of enemy as Witcher and Warcraft have it. Slimy, fishy folks hiding out in the swamps, praying on poor travellers.

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