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    Is it possible do you think to have the standard fantasy races in Battle Brothers? I know the devs have said this is relatively low fantasy so far but it would be cool to occasionally have dwarven, elven, or halfing cities/tribes/mercenaries/merchants running around the world. After all, it is based on Warhammer almost isn’t it? It would just be cool to have some of those fantasy races.

    Although I understand that would be very difficult, or rather that would be a lot of work to implement right now, but food for thought?

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    I think it’s less Warhammer and more medieval German inspired. That said, maybe a contract revolving around creatures in mines would work? I’m pretty sure there were various creatures that supposedly lived underground and harassed miners. Would still take a lot of work though, creating the creatures, AI, and new “mine” battlefield.

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    Yeah regardless of what they add it would still be a lot of work as coding is difficult and new codes I hear can mess up old ones.

    Still it would be awesome one day to see fantasy races like dwarves and elves around or even Halfings!

    Halfings might work, but that would still be a lot of work. Just food for thought, maybe in the future

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