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    I’ve been playing the game a lot and really enjoying it. I think the gameplay is a great base to build off of. Even though it’s clearly in an early state it’s still fun and addictive.

    Something I feel would improve the game a lot, however, is if the stats were a little more multi-dimensional. As it stands, the stats seem pretty straightforward: more is better, and each stat acts similarly in affecting combat. I think a more interesting direction to go would be to have attributes that interact in a multi-dimensional way. So instead of a flat “melee combat” rating, a characters’ success in melee would be affected by several stats, say a “strength” stat and a “sword skill” and a “dexterity” stat etc etc. This could vary by weapon and situation as well (a high dexterity character could be better with a knife in an open area, versus a stronger character who’d be better in close quarters with a heavier weapon).

    This would let each Brother feel more distinct from one another, whereas now they all sort of exist along the same linear continuum of “good” or “bad.” Having these skills progress differently (easy to raise your “sword skill” or “organization” but tough to raise your “strength” or “courage” for example) would add some interesting strategy on selecting Brothers as well. Do you select the highly-skilled weakling who is useful right away or the unskilled brute who has potential? This would obviously play into the already-cool origins for each character.

    To me, my favorite part of the game is the personality and story of each brother, and the RPG-type progression they go through. While flavor text and the occasional event are cool, having them be distinct and defined by a more in-depth set of combat attributes would be especially cool.

    Avatar photoDrygord

    I personally think the stats are good as they stand. It is simple and direct and a battle brother with +5 melee skill is impactful. If I would change anything it would be to add the possibility of higher rolls per stat on level up so you don’t always get 2, 2, 2 etc.

    Avatar photomtsw

    Totally agree with adding variance to the level up rolls. One issue with this though is that under the current system a lot of players would be tempted to savescum if they received bad rolls when leveling up.

    Well to each his own, but I think simple and direct is a lot less effective when one of the goals of the game is the player creating a story using his brothers. Having their abilities be defined along multiple dimensions rather than just melee/ranged, good/bad is a great way to add additional personality to the brothers.

    Avatar photoDrygord

    I see what you mean, having a really strong brute who is clumsy with a sword but does incredible damage with a huge mace. Let’s see what the Devs have to say

    Avatar photoSarissofoi

    Actually I find this idea very interesting. It would definitely allow more customization and more distinct characters.
    Currently all your brothers are distinct mainly by perks and some difference in numbers.
    With basic stats and skill system some perks or attacks skill could be possible to use only if basic stats or skills have some minimum value.
    Like Strong character with some decent axe skill have access to special chop attack or high dexterity character would have access to lunge skill(or whatever).
    Currently all of brothers are jacks of all trade on start with no distinct likes or proficiency towards weapons. Sword masters are not better with sword than with axe or mace or pike. Or that one guy who just love axes but dislike using spears.
    Sadly we are probably stuck with current system – simple and working but without flavour.

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