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    Hello, this is my first post on this forum so I will do my best to tell you my suggestions.

    1. With new DLC, I was little dissapointed for lack of paints. My company named Black Templars (ofcourse Warhammer 40k intensifies) and I like Black Cross on White background as my Banner and Shield paint. But for painting my army with just black paint isnt right for me. So I want to ask you, if you are still making decisions on adding more paints (Black-White, White, Red-Black, Red-White, Red-Black-White).

    2. Torches – Usable item which in hand will increase your view distance by 1. When you attack with torch you will have let´s say 60% chance to catch that target on fire. Dealing HP dmg and burn him on crisps, which will for example stop zombies from raising again. Beasts will have their resolve lowered (Direwolves, Spiders, Goblin Wolfriders.

    3. Deployable wooden spikes which will be one use and will be doing spear wall passive.

    4. Owning Guild House for your company which will give you new quests, or legendary quests to kill something BIG. In Guild House, you can spend some coins to increase experience gain from battles and there would be some guys to buy aswell (but some really great ones, not a shitty beggars :D)

    5. Horses – You would have a horse with abilities like Stampede (charge through units and deal little dmg as AOE), Horse will give you another 9 action points. Armor for Horses in colors of your company aswell as a new weapon, Lance.

    6. New Ranged weapons. Gun – Shot – 20% chance to hit a target, will deal massive dmg to armor, one shot to the head. Reload for one whole turn (9 ap needed).
    – Hit him hard – On melee, you can hit your enemy with the back of your weapon. Low dmg, but atleast something.
    – Puncture – Shoot enemy which is 2 tiles away from you and puncture him with a bullet, hitting guy behind him.

    Sling – Early ranged weapon dealing dmg to a target with a chance to stun. Ammo isnt consumed since it grabs any rock on the ground :)

    7. New monsters – take idea from Slavic folklore. Watercrags, Leshijs, Werewolves.

    8. New background – Cook or Chef. He will make your rations to be distributed cleverly and will increase the mood of the company. Lack of hp, melee defense and ranged defense, lack of ranged damage but great at melee damage.

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