Topic: More Variation In Monster Encounters (Spoilers)

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    I am finding there needs to be more variation among monsters. Finding variation of attacks without using weapons needs to be included.

    There are no poisonous beasts– venomous snakes, no beasts that throw webbing (giant spiders), no beasts with special attacks. This could be better.

    With the direwolves there is only one type of direwolf. Having a stronger pack leader might be good. I find that all of the monsters having the same skill level limited in challenge. Even having a true werewolf would be interesting.

    The same goes for ghouls. A lead ghoul would make the encounter better, plus there might be some kind of better find than teeth.

    I am assuming there will be a full vampire encounter at some point, non-withered.

    There is enough variation among orcs, goblins, and bandits.

    Avatar photoSuperCaffeineDude

    I like the idea of beasts that require superior numbers to take down,

    Maybe a couple of trolls that heal, a fire spraying dragon, a fear paralyzing basilisk, a venomous spine shooting manticore, or yes a giant spider.
    They’d all be awesome hunter quests.

    Also maybe we could fight something defence focused like a nasty race of dirty dwarves/gnomes with daggers, blowpipes, and large shields, that steal children, tools and gems.

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