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    Avatar photoSurrealistik

    Hoping that there will be a multiplayer component for the game, perhaps in the form of squad vs squad skirmishes.

    Can definitely see MMR matchmaking and P2P casual format of play; like most tabletop wargames, Fallout Tactics and X-Com multiplayer, units/gear would be limited by a pointbuy system.

    An added advantage is that multiplayer definitely tends to quickly distill and make apparent the broken/imbalanced elements/mechanics that need further revision as players look for optimal strategies to beat others online.

    Avatar photoSarissofoi

    What about custom battles?

    Avatar photoRusBear

    I hope that if the guys will take the multiplayer and it is only after the release of the game and a pair of DLS. Otherwise, we will again lose the game in favor of prospective online measurements of small penis crowd of schoolchildren. There have been many precedents. A team of three people simply will not be able to work well on 2 fronts. And then there’s the single can develop and deepen almost infinitely. I prefer one good game mode than 2 unfinished.

    Avatar photoSquibie

    Please. Matchmaking and ladder. It’s what keeps community strong.

    Avatar photoRap

    Battle Brothers will be singleplayer only.

    The game is already very ambitious as is for so small a team, so we need to really focus on the game’s core experience and make it the best we can if we want this to turn into a great game that gets finished in a reasonable amount of time. Doing multiplayer right would have meant including it in game design and programming from the very beginning, which would have added a huge amount of work for us, ultimately to the detriment of other features as we spread ourselves too thin. Even without multiplayer there are lots of cool features we’d really like to add but cannot, at least for now, due to the time it would take.

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    Avatar photoSarissofoi

    What about a single custom battles against AI? When player can choose what kind force he lead against whose and their strength in what situation?
    Like Battle Line in grassland with leading force of orcs(choose composition) against force of goblins(choose composition).
    Not really necessary but it would be nice to have something like that to test things.

    Avatar photoSurrealistik

    Well, if MP is not in the initial release due to the workload it’d represent, and time constraints, it would certainly be cool as a DLC down the road.

    Avatar photoDrygord

    This is the one thing I would love to see more than anything else.

    There can be two modes: 1) War to the Death with full loot and permadeath of characters. You can only win the most awesome stuff from other players by risking it all. 2) Arena where each player is given a random drawn party of characters and gear to assemble before battle kind of like hearthstone’s system. Or a base of crowns to purchase and hire an optimal party from a standard selection available to both players.

    As for 2v2s, FFAs, 5v5s, coop multiplayer etc…. A man can dream :)

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