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    Hello, and thanks for my newest addiction! It absolutely makes my heart soar to read you guys refer to Jagged Alliance 2 and X-Com in your design influences… you seem extremely knowledgeable about what our particular niche of strategy gamers craves! I hope you won’t take offense when I refer to such games for inspiration on suggestions, and I hope you understand our input only reflects our sincere desire to see this beloved game achieve supreme success!

    It seems like you might already be going in a similar direction, but I’d definitely like to see roaming groups show cohesion around leader groups (and figures) and carry out their own goals on the map like in Mount & Blade (which I have seen many others draw comparisons to as well, possibly also from your exceptional art style). I feel this could add a lot of believability and character to the factions themselves, but also to the state of the map. For instance, towns don’t seem likely to exist where they do when there are multiple pockets of unstoppable death just over a hillside. Showing the “push and pull” of the power struggles (and the subsequent power, population, and supply benefits from gaining ground), possibly even mobile defensive structures enforcing boundaries, as well as showing where respective forces are located, would go a long way to establish the player’s evolving role as well. If you have a small inexperienced group, you’re not likely to find much success in the vanguard, and would probably have to harass a supply line or scout party, at least if you intend to fight more than scattered soft-target bandits in their scattered dens. Likewise, if you seek the greatest spoils, singling out an enemy Lord as your prey and bringing the numbers to topple his entourage would yield the greatest rewards, so you should put yourself in the most logical place to find this, rather than simply wander for a stronger target.

    I also hope you’ll consider some sort of income system to supplement the player’s hiring and income. In the current state, I feel my desire to hire more specialized units and progressively increased strength would far surpass my potential for progressively increased income (at least guaranteed income).

    TLDR, your combat is so well balanced and polished that a little love to the overworld strategy (which few seem to be suggesting!) would make this game just POP for me. I haven’t bought an EA in years, and I knew I wouldn’t be disappointed! Thanks for your time!

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