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    First of all id like to say i realy enjoy this game so far. You are on a good way. Personaly i’ve played around 50 hours of this game so far and about 20 on that Patch.

    First of all Goblins

    so far i like the way Goblins play. They are annoying little… that use atrittion warfare and dirty tricks. Well done.
    My only concern is that nightfighting is a huge disadvantage to them. And since the player can usually decide when to engage them it makes abousing this pretty easy.
    in my view, if the player is playing clever, he should be rewarded. so the goblins should be weaker during night. I only feel like they are a bit too weak now(at night).
    Possible solutions could be:
    Giving goblins the chance to have a “nightvision” Tag.
    Giving goblins archers a chance to have an iluminating weapon (burning arrows) that removes the debuf for nightfighting for a selected area.
    Giving goblin shamans a spell to grand nightvision. (Mb you have done this already dont know :))
    1. I generaly like Wolfes, but i feel like sometimes they are placed to close to my heros, especially in the woods. It can often happen that at the start of the battle, a werewolf can use his points to move to a brother and attack him before the players first turn. This is pretty dangerrous in case the game placed an archer at the outskirt of the team(yay wood placements).
    Improve the placement in the woods.
    Give the player the option to decide where brothers are placed by the AI (like 1st, 2nd and 3rd row)
    2. I generaly dislike the “Kill Werewolfes to get Food quest”. It is an annoying quest that rarely rewards the player for the time spent searching for the Werewolfes, since you usually are at the food cap by the time you get this quest.
    Sparn Werewolfs near the player or give directions (North,east…) to where the Werewolfs are.
    Allow players to sell food.
    3. Werewolfs are a bit of a plane enemy, since the Pack only grows larger, but the enemys stay the same (even ghules are more interesting since they get different sizes). Adding a Werewolf Silverback to Large hunting pack would be a nice addition. or just a normal wolf since you already got them with wolfriders.
    In this Patch you strongly changed the Shield Hitpoints and made enemys more likely to attack shields instead of the player. I generally like this since it makes the shield-related skills alot more important. But I dislike the Numbers.
    The Small Shield is how it should be: an early game Solution.
    The Anti-Meele shield feels pretty useles now, since enemys can often destroy it in 1 hit (maybe with the help of a speer i dont know the numbers).
    Even with the Perk one orc can often destroy a shield with his 2 Actions. This feels especially odd, since this shield should be used for battles against meele heavy enemys like orcs.
    the anti-ranged shield (and named shields) are the only useful now since shield prices are pretty low. giving 2 of them to every character feels like the best choice now, since they tend to fare better against forms of enemys, since thanks to their high durability they are better in meele than the meele shield.
    Named Items
    I like the addition of named items, though i would like it if you could give them a little extra icon in the inventory or make them stand out more in the inventory in any other way, since they usualy look quite a lot like normal items, whitch makes confusing them or not even realicing them a strong possibility.
    Nets are a new Item that can right now to my knowledge only optain by killing goblins. You should either remove the possibility to get them or give players the ability to buy them. If you do the later (and i personaly hope you do i love to use them vs orcs) they would also need a kind of amunition System, since they are right now a one use only item, either allowing the player to give a hero a Stash of nets (similar to a quiver) of whitch he can only use one per battle or using tools (or amunition) to regain a net after a battle.
    I generaly like the price changes.
    I would Generaly like to decide in whitch Line my battle brothers are placed. I like to give some of my Meele kittet Brothers throwing speers for the time before they engage in meele and the game automaticly decides to put them into the second line, since they got a throwing weapon.
    Enemy Strenghs
    This might be just my personal playstyle, but i can often raid an “impossible” bandit base on the first try without loosing a man and i rarely manage to fight an even orc horde without loosing anyone. it feel like these labels are a bit off especially for orcs.
    Now i would like to end with some suggestions that might be a nice addition to the game, but are compleatly unrelated and only some nice ideas.
    A Fame System
    It would work like an EP-System for your whole Group, giving you access to abilitys like changeing the way your brothers are placed, increasing your limit of food and such or even set the standart group size to 10 and giving the player 2 extra unlocable character slots.
    this could also be integrated into the event system nicely adding late game events like a noble asking one of the now famous founding members to a duell.
    Integrating Quest into the Event system
    “while wandering around you find an injured child. it beggs you to save his vilage that is currently under attack by …”
    i feel like such dynamic events would improve the athmosphere of the game and would make gameplay a bit more dynamic and give the time you walk around without a quest more meaning.
    Quest Variety
    Right now there are only 5 types of quest: Werewolfs, Deliverys, escorts of carawans and Raids and search (i almost forgot search because i usualy dont do them)
    Some additional Quest ideas are:
    A combination of search and Raid on a time limit (child was taken by ___ find and save him before he is killed)
    generaly time limits on quests
    “We got news that raiders are on the way to ___ stop them before they can raid”
    Different kinds of arrows
    giving archers the options to have serveral different kind of arrows (id implement it with different quivers)
    possible arrows are:
    Poison: Like Goblins
    Fire: a chance and the ability to light a field/tree and remove the night debuff from all near characters
    Armor Pircing Bolts: Bolts do more live and less armor dmg.
    These Arrows could only be restocked if you got a bowsmith or are in a town or have a non combat character.
    Since you got Witchhunters adding something like a Witch as monster would be a nice step. they could be like a bandit hideout, (humans with light armor) and a caster that could do interesting stuff. (for example turning a battle brother after a resolve test to the enemys side for a turn)

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