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    Hello everyone. Just thought I’d drop by and give my two cents on the game so far. Fun game, was a big fan of XCOM and always enjoyed it. I like the medieval spin on it. There’s just a few things that need to be addressed in the upcoming patches. I’ve played it about 12 hours and these are my thoughts so far.

    The goblins are way too difficult: I’ve had it several times where on the evening of day 1 or the afternoon of Day 2 I’d be ambushed by a goblin party usually including at least 2 archers that never miss a shot. I don’t think this is intentional, I’m on the even difficulty. It’s just I have no choice at this point except to retreat and reload save states so that when I retreat I don’t have any unfavorable casualties. Now some of you may say “MAJORDOMO YOU NEWB PAY ATTENTION TO THE MAP SCREEN AND RUN AWAY WHEN YOU SEE AN IMPOSSIBLE BAND!” to that I say, the map screen is pretty un-involving most of the time so I tend to zone out or look at something else when I’m travelling to a destination and by the time I notice instant death upon me it’s too late.

    No need for so many “Impossible” mobs in general or if you want to keep them, make the creatures within just a ‘tad’ less deadly: I got hired to escort a caravan like I had countless times before. This was about on…day 30? Day 35? With a puny caravan, I got attacked by an “impossible” flock of werewolves which consisted of about 10 werewolves that could move almost an entire screen and still attack. And when they DONT move, they get THREE attacks. That’s a bit much. I’m not asking for mobs that roll over and die but their advantage over me was just too much to overcome. Perhaps if I were more skilled this wouldn’t be an issue (Just saying that to absolve myself of any undue rage). I just don’t like how the interaction feels.

    Archers need a little more consistency: All I’ll say on this is, those goblin archers even at level 1 miss MAYBE 40% of their shots (Thats being generous) My archers however will consistently miss 60% or more of their shots until they’re far leveled up and even then they don’t shoot as consistently as I like.

    Those are my main thoughts for now, more to come as I play more.

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    Hey MajorDomo,
    I can totally understand your concerns, I try to explain a little:
    Of course paying attention to the map screen is really important. Just as in Mount and blade where you get owned by searaiders or deserters at any time :) Maybe it helps if I tell you we are right about starting the big Worldmap overhaul. That will include not only a visual overhaul, but a complete rework and addition of many features. I cant spoil too much right now, because we dont know how much stuff we can squeeze in there in the time we have.
    After the rework the worldmap should be a lot more interesting.

    Werwolves can be a challenge, but I think on day 35 together with a caravan you should be able to tackle 10 werewolves. The game can be very frustrating at the beginning, before you truly get into it and understand the game mechanics.
    I would go so far to say the first 3 playthroughs are just practice runs where you will get destroyed sooner or later :) Use them to try out as much as possible and understand the mechanics of tactical combat.

    The Goblins are designed to be viable enemies from mid to late game. If you get into combat with them too early on, its gonna be hard. Just like the orcs. During the worldmap rework we will straighten out the enemy progression, so every faction can be fought at all levels.
    At the moment its more like this:
    Early game: Bandit Thugs, Wiedergangers, small werewolf bands
    Mid Game: Young Orcs, Bandits (thugs and raiders), Skeletons, maybe some Goblins
    Late Game: Necromancers, Vampires, Large Werewolf packs, Orc warriors/Berserkers, Goblins

    Something like this.
    Hope it helps!


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