Topic: My Top 10 hopeful questions for the developers.

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    I Just want to start by saying you guys are awesome and if I knew a lick about programming I would be right there in the trenches with you. That is how much I love the game and its implementation so far. Although, I do own an internet marketing business so if you need any help there let me know ;D. From an avid strategy gamer who loves rouge-likes and sand box games for the same reason most of us do, because of the challenge. I am really excited about what is to come and can’t wait to see more! Alas here is my Top 10 Questions on things I would Love to see in this awesome game. All of these questions are assuming the FAQ page and recent road map items are is still going to be implemented. I tried to keep them within your setting/theme.
    #1. Will there be an Iron-man Mode? I hate when my favorite battle brother dies, I wish I could just resist the temptation to reload. but I can’t. You guys prolly already thought of this.
    #2. Do you have plans for there to be Larger Units in game? For example… An Ogre or Siege Weapons?
    #3 Might you be open to the player rarely being able to recruit a non-human into their ranks? Perhaps through your future event system?
    #4 Are there any plans to implement animals into the game such as wild and recruit able war dogs? Maybe a Master of Beasts Entourage member?
    #5 Anything on the radar for a dueling event/system? Trial by Combat to prove the innocence of another battle brother? Or accept the challenge of the Orc Berserker or Bandit Leader before the fight to gain a moral boost for the proceeding Battle?
    #6 On the same note of dueling, what about an Arena?
    #7 When Items are implemented, Will they only be generated by events or will it be a random mob? Neither Or Both?
    #8 Any plans for a Camping system or will the battle brothers be forever mobile not needing to slow or stop for wounded or sleep?
    #9 Will there be Ambush Missions? Such as, go to marked spot and wait for X regiment to come through? (I know very specific)
    #10 Any plans to implement a “let them flee” option so I don’t have to chase down that last archer that draws out combat for an extra 10 minutes?
    Answer all my questions and I promise to upgrade to the support pack :D. Thanks!

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    Yo. I’m not a developer, but I’m fairly sure that I know the answer to most of these. :)

    1 Yup. They’ll implement it once the save-system is stable enough.

    2 Possibly. Multi-hex opponents would require tinkering with the engine though, so other stuff is getting done first, if it gets added.

    3 Last I checked, the devs had said no. It’s humans versus the rest.

    4 War dogs are getting implemented. Not sure about other animals.

    5 Event system is planned, which could include duels.

    6 No word on an arena.

    7 You mean legendary items? You’ll have to find those, rather than them being random drops.

    8 Camping system is planned.

    9 I think player ambushes are planned, though I’m not a 100% certain.

    10 Enemies retreating is planned.

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    Pretty accurate answers right there, thanks man!

    Just one addition to number 5: Yes, duels will happen with the new event system, although it will depend on a character’s background. Does not make a lot of sense for a miller to start a dueling career ;)

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    No Problem. ;)

    Yeah, I remember something like that. I think it was the hedge knight that was used as an example at one point? Though I can also imagine an amusing situation where a thief getting challenged would have the option of him just shanking the sucker.

    Avatar photoZinistar

    Thanks for the insight guys. I am glad that most of these items are already being considered.

    Of all the things on my list, I think I wanted the occasional Rare Battle Brother the most. Maybe from an event that you “save” them, perhaps on accident, and you have to decide whether it is worth it to you to trust them as it could betray you later. Anything to create a story through RNG. Those are always the best stories.;)

    As far as dueling goes, I love the idea of a career duelist. I also love the idea of asking the question, of all my battle brothers which one would I choose to be my champion. Maybe he was once a lowly miller, but now he is a veteran of combat. If things go wrong the following fight could be awful, but if he wins, it could turn an impossible fight into a winnable scenario. What if he wins, but is too wounded to risk him in the rest of the fight? Again any chance that RNG can tell “My Story” is a huge step in the right direction in my book.

    On a side note you could even make a new dueler skill path that allows for 1v1 combat bonuses.

    This game has so much potential it is ridiculous. I already anticipate buying Battle Brother 2! Thanks again guys!

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