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    Brother Duck

    Hi guys,

    Love the game, cant wait to see it develop and have all the planned features introduced!

    Had a thought while playing last night, and have never seen anything like it in a game before but think it would be a perfect feature for battle brothers…

    Say, if you equip a sword or a mace or something on a brother, and somehow your brother manages to survive and kill a few bad eggs in the process, the brothers weapon could develop its own name, and give small bonuses like other named weapons..

    So say Brother John is equipped with a falchion, and kills 100 baddies or something with that 1 sword, it becomes “Brother Johns Falchion” or if he has a title, “John The Slayer’s Falchion…”

    Could give a small bonus to the weapon, depending on weapon type.. so sword might give bonus to crit, mace bonus to stun, axe bonus to shield destruction.. Even a tiered system, so after 100 kills, a basic named weapon with small bonus, after 250 kills a slightly higher bonus, and after 500 kills and 10 boss kills or something, it becomes Legendary!

    keep up the great work! i am off to steam to upgrade to supporters edition!

    Brother Duck


    Interesting idea,not bad at all.Not sure if would be implemented though….


    I like the idea, this would add just that extra bit of connection to your brothers before their lives are ended too soon.

    Ask me about your God


    Sounds cool, I like thinking of the idea that a brother could be using a named weapon that is attributed to one of their comrades who had it before dying in combat. Kinda like continuing that character’s legacy.

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