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    I know that most people love this game for the gritty/hardcore Medieval themes, but with the precense of Orcs/Undead etc I just wanted to ask if in the future there were plans to implement magic, or maybe even necromancy into the game as a possible method of play?

    Avatar photoMalthus

    It is in. You already fight against Necromancers.

    But the player himself will never wield magic. The nearest he gets to using magic will be in using rare artefacts which may inhabit certain effects. But no flying fireballs and such things.

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    Avatar photoBobHound

    With regards to magic, one of my biggest hopes for expansions would be something like “The Necromancer’s Apprentice” where intsead of building a company of battle brothers you’re an aspiring necromancer raising your army of the dead.

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    There is one Legendary item in our design document which will allow (within limits) to revive a dead brother as a zombie to fight for you for the rest of the battle.
    When or even if it will make it into the game has to be seen. Just wanted to let you know that we are thinking about stuff like that :)

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    Avatar photoXoatl

    Please tell me it’s called Staff of Worms. Also BobHound, if in some distant future they rework a standalone like that or someone mods it in I’m definitely getting that. I love Necromancy but few games let you do it or even get it right/enjoyable.

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