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    Hi all!
    First of all I wish to thanks OVERHYPE STUDIOS for Battle Brothers, what an awesome game!
    Great work here!
    I played a lot and I though about 2 changes concerning the way equipement is handled in BB :


    A medieval “armor” is made of a few layers of covering and protecting stuff wich can basically be resumed as follow :
    -ARMOR (leather made/metal made etc…)
    -DECORATIVE CLOTH (Surcoat/Tabard…)
    Same goes for the headgear

    I always found frustrating not to be able to freely compose my armor using such a layering system. It would add an interesting variety in equipement as well as increasing the RP by allowing the player to customize his soldiers according to their backgrounds ect…
    When I saw the Battle Brother’s visuals made by Paul as well as the game engine I though that it was the perfect game to try such a system…
    I made a little sprite sheet to show what I mean because you know that a lil drawing worth a thousand words and because my english is weak…


    Every armor layer may have a specific armor and fatigue value wich adds up.
    I also reworked (badly because in a hurry…) some of Paul’s assets to try some random combinations :


    Alongside to those changes I think that the way you buy stuff at the blacksmith could be reworked…


    Rather than choosing from an inventory when going to the blacksmith I’d love to be able to ask him to craft a specific item among a wide range, and choose some nice variations for every armor pieces.
    Something like a reworked barbershop :


    But such a blacksmith should be avaible only when you have a specific renown, and the classic one with only early stuff and/or used stuff would still be avaible.
    But the legendary/named armors shouldn’t be affected by those changes.

    I’m aware of the sum of work that those changes would need, but I’d <3 LOVE <3 to help Paul by working for him as some kind of “ghost drawer”
    Anyway, thanks for reading and thumbs up to OVERHYPE STUDIOS for this awesome game!

    Avatar photoPsenBattle

    Hey Jikma,
    awesome stuff, you obviously put a lot of thought and work into this. Your ideas really sound like cool additions to the game. I especially like the colored gambesons, they have a nice medieval touch. Don’t worry about the quality of the assets, they are pretty good and have a cool low-power style.

    We actually considered a layered system to freely compose armor earlier in the development. This makes sense, as real life armor works exactly the same way and it would allow a lot of visual variety.
    We finally decided against it because of several reasons. First of all you would have to come up with a pretty complex UI screen to track all the different armor layers and the UI is already cramped.
    Secondly it would be difficult to implement the system into the game design in a meaningful and understandable way. How would you calculate armor points if someone choses to wear a mail shirt without padding underneath? In real life the protection value would suffer a lot. Regarding armor values we don’t have a lot of levers to pull. Theres basically just armor points and fatigue malus. The system would be a bit boring if you just stack up armor points for each additional layer.
    So we would need more levers, like different protection values for cuts, blunt weapons etc.
    I think this would be cool, but gets way too complicated for our scope of the game.
    Thats why we dont have something like this in the game.

    To sum this up I would have loved to implement this in a different way: By adding a “vanity” slot to the UI where you put surcoats, scarfs, hoods or whatever you want to wear over your armor. These items wuld just change your appearance and have no gameplay impact.

    Regarding the Blacksmith, thats a cool idea and I think you could somehow make it work within the existing game mechanics.


    By the way, here are painted helmets I prepared for the upcoming 1.1 patch:

    Overhype Studios - Let´s roll!

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    Avatar photoFlickering

    Hey Paul, do you ever started to create the vanity slot? I have been really eagerd to see these lovely surcoat and scarf to come for a long time, but havent seen these thing out.

    I found many people love this idea adding banner on shield, maybe you guys could introduce it as a DLC?
    It’s reallu really a fantastic thing, trust me!

    Avatar photoCoffee

    Hello Jikma, just saw this amazing work. If you are interested, I’m with a modding team that is currently working on the Legends Battle Brothers mod. We’d love to discuss the possibility of working with you in the future, as your designs are of very good quality. Here is a link to the mod on Nexus: and our discord if you wish to get in touch:


    Avatar photoJasonArgo


    In the game mechanics it might be like that:

    Incoming damage / weapon ignore armor percentage = damage to the t2 layer / same ignore armor = damage to t1 / ignore = hp damage.
    So at first it looks meaningfull and at second it would lead to a reasonable weapon rebalance and more difference between weapon types. For a not so big cost in develop (like new DLC maybe?)

    Twho years waiting for that!)

    Furs and bones can be the lowcost t2 and t3 layers.

    Maybe it will be complicated to implement, but it will grants awesome gameplay depth. I ready to donate for this.

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