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    Avatar photogoldenbannermen

    If im not mistaken there are 9+ noble house faction, so i was wondering if there will be other continent that only reachable via boat?
    the other continent consist of the rest of noble house faction that are not in the current map game world

    Avatar photogepardowaty

    Personally I don’t care about other continents.
    It would be great if more noble houses might come to your map with invasion force at some point of the time, taking villages/cities and stuff. Imagine two houses breaking their feud just because of the common invader.
    Times of war and establishing of new governments = more contracts.

    Avatar photogoldenbannermen

    yeah it would be great, as i recall it will be soon implemented the noble house warfare things, but i do really hope they add more noble house available in single game and expand the map.

    Avatar photoHarry_Krishnaa

    hahahaha we need CONTENT not continent XD

    Avatar photogoldenbannermen


    content are surely keeps rolling in from the dev :p

    its a mere suggestion tho, i hope they might consider this

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