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    Hi guys! I’m hyped for new DLC, so here is my wishlist for current content:
    played more than 1,5k hrs of this game, that list is what I want to improve my expericence

    1) Settings for random map generator. (size, biome cover, No of: towns, factions, harbors, possible: No of party and camp spawn points/areas, buildings for the towns)
    2) Perk balancing (or gide for modders).
    Imho: Nerf: reach adv, qick hands, battleforged.
    Buff: fast adaption, adrenaline, headhunter, hold out, recovery, executioner, polearm mastery, lone wolf, nimble.
    3) Bestiary balancing (some “new gear” is absent in market/mob gear lists of some reason.
    Leaders never wear T3 spears, rondell daggers, 2h hammers.
    T3 spears, daggers, never show up at the citadel markets in damaged state. As well as 2h greatswords, axes, hammers, but 2h polearms do show up.
    Midrange armor (Helmets) does not show up in damaged state. I see the point of not including 200+ armour in discount market. I consider anytign available to a line soldier to be marketable. (Footman, Xbowman)
    More midgrage armor is underrepresented on the opponents. Think leaders or fallen heroes.
    Expand leader and/or merc gear list to allow for better selection of midgrade armor. Possible in include somesort of “famed leader” or “merc captain” type with better than baseline gear and capability but not quite a hedge knight to plug a gap between the two.
    Fallen gear does not have to be always decayed. Could use some of the mid tier armory stuff, because of how heroes are farmable. Just a sligiht chance (7,5% for each piece) it will generate good emoions, when you find a “not so decayed” hero. Hero weapon selection doesnot cover full current selection of the gear, for soemreason.
    4) Gear balancing.
    Buff to flails – damage spread bottom line, possible armor pearsing
    Buff to 1h axes – some form of damage buff to justify high fat consumption
    Buff to 2h axes – some form of damage buff to justify spread damage. Lower round swing acc penalty.
    Buff to cleavers – adjust decapitate damage formula for better damage.
    A company standard rebalance. I’d like it (or its variation) to be not in the weapon slot or be a possibility to upgrade company standard to Famed Pike levels.
    (for example combine a famed pike and a standard to get the better standard. Or just buff a standard to pike level add a way to make it famed)
    5) Gear lineup extension (Famed Ancient weapons, Famed Orc 2h weapons, Famed Goblin weapons). Human sized 2h flails, cleavers. Direwolf scale/plate armor. Make lamellar usefull somehow. Being cheaper is not a valid choice, as decayed or ancient gear is better at being more affordable but worse. May be improved by availability, i.e come with opponents that are encontered sooner than Hedge Knights, as knights are source of better gear than lammelar.
    6) Money -> recruit quality upgrades. (Current academy has no use for bros lvl 6+ imho). Cheaper backgrounds are cheaper to “train by pros”. Buff to selected stat. up to 1-3 times for bros of selected quality. Random buff is levelup roll for selected stat. Effectively additinal “gifted” perk for cheap bros (for a hefty fee) or 1 stat boost for sellsword level bros.
    7) Gear order system.
    Spend X gold to place an order. Wait Y days. Come back and pick up randomly rolled famed item at the weapn/armor smith. Ofc service is reputation and wallet locked. Special gear – special needs (wolf hides, dragon scales etc)
    8) Caravan service. (Form up a caravan from current settlement to targeted settlement. More inventory, faster movement, caravan movement rules, except that player is in charge (can reverse caravan and strike a camp).
    9) Add Poison to market list. Possibly linked to herbalist/trade city/harbor. Having antidot and not heaving poison is a lol.
    10) Add mashrooms to tradecity/harbor/forest town itemlist. Heaving them competely locked if no building is spawned or no berserkers are found is not good.
    11) Permanent injury tratment. Heavy costs, maybe rare items requirements, reputation requirements.
    12) Flesh out allightment system. Being evil/good does not affect my gameplay in any meaningfull way. More task dependancy on reputation, I’d say.
    13) Battlemap spawn location control. In any form.
    Hill or Swamp biomes are a pain to play on, as it just places the player in a horrendous position without any way to metigate T1 Crossbow barage from 3 tiers UP short of Eager+Forced reatreat combo.
    14) City/Village/Camp/Cave battlemaps. Some early necromancer labyrinth pictures are rather good.

    Avatar photoRusBear

    My 5c.

    I do not give up hope of correcting puncture mechanics and a system of exploit the full surround for panicking opponent.
    a1. Prohibit the use of puncturing both for AI and the player – if chances below 5 % ( factic %)
    a2. Prohibit to use puncture for NOT surrounded target with a shield. ( for AI and player)
    a3. Increase the chances for puncture when target surrounded by 3 or more allies, in net, stunned,

    b1. Completely surrounded and panicking enemy no longer misses the turn (cuz it can not move), but performs random attacking actions for an random target.
    b2. The higher the resolve of the enemy ( and player’s unit), the greater the chance that, when full surrounded, he will restore morale (nowhere to retreat- fight to the death)

    Avatar photokem

    As for weapons balancing, forgot to mention:
    1) underperforming warbrands (poor armor damage vs single target, completely overshadowed by the greatsword or even crypt cleaver. I’d go for 90%-100% armor damage base in comparison to 75% as of now). Buff crypt cleaver (base hp damage) and rhampaia accordingly (final armor damage, at 120%-130% it is still inferior to 2h Axe or Hammer as dedicated armor opener, but usefull as armor shaving tool) .
    2) Xbows in general, as warbow is flat out better endgame weapon than a Heavy Xbow. Xbows do less armor damage than a double tap warbow and cannot penetrate orc plate to deal an injury as they do to humans. There is simply no use for Xbow type weapon lategame, in comparison to a bow:
    Xbow armor damage is always inferior to bow armor damage (1 shot vs 2 shots)
    Xbow penetration is countered by heavy plate (orc) or outright ignored (ancient dead) or seldom used (knight type enemy is a rare sight, hedge knight immune to injuries) .
    Imho something needs to be done.
    There are 2 ways: flat armor damage or penetration.
    I find penetration a more interestinng gameplay wise.
    Something that makes it usabele vs orcs< good (but not OP) vs humans and useless vs undead (their speccialty).
    In armor penetration deparment we can make lategame Xbow usefull by enabling consistent orc maiming.
    To enable that something like hard cap on CurrnetArmorLeft in damage calculation for armor pearsing could be implemented.
    Something like CurrentArmorValue <=150 and in combination with buff to armor pearsing to 80% (60%+20%) on heavy crossbow, makes it average armor penetration of 33 (60 avg damage, 48 AP at 80%, minus 15 AP at 15 capped for Xbows, leads to 33 damage). That exact damage is to inflict an injury to an 200HP orc with CripleStrikes perk. Better gear will do consistent injuries, headshots with good gear will do heavy injuries.
    Arbalesters still won’t oneshot bros at 50 avg headshot damage, but will do heavy penetration damage as well as overseers, making them even more of a threat. Overseer may be OP (No Impailer buff, to keep it on current level) as he comes with missle aid to finish off crippled targets.
    3) Slight buff to 2h hammers in form of guaranteed base HP damage to allow injuries on 1st strike. 2 ways:
    As on 1h hammers. (33 base HP damage, good for smite, maybe OP for shatter)
    or use of new Xbow mechanic to cap AP deduction. +5 base damage and +5% AP combined with Max 15 AP deduction leads to average of 29 HP shatter damage. Addition of berserk, mashrooms or Famed2hHammer will lead to consistent injuries to orcs with cripple strikes. That will rival efficiency of GreatSword at armored horde management by providing effective alternative (Harder to setup/more benefit vs ease of use/lower benefit of GS).
    Better AP Damage (5 base + 5% AP) value will make 2h hammer more consistent at 1 shot-Smiting ancient dead, which is a welcome alternative to dumb AOE of GS.

    Avatar photoWargasm

    I think it’d be cool if there were some small changes to increase the early/mid-game usability of certain lower-tier and one-handed weapons – e.g.:

    pickaxes could be intermediate one/two-handed weapons that are unwieldy and do low damage (lower than now) when wielded in one hand, but that gain an elevated damage boost from double-grip – e.g. +50-100% damage and the ability to be used for Shatter AoE attacks that do damage part-way between the single- and double-grip values (but with the Destroy Armour skill removed, at least for two-handed use) …

    bludgeons and morning stars could also be mixed one/two-handed weapons with lower single-grip damage but higher double-grip damage, and could lose Knock Out but gain a mid-damage two-handed AoE attack with 33% chance to stun and 33% chance to stagger; meanwhile, wooden clubs could remain as low-damage one-handed weapons with the Knock Out skill, and winged maces (with their shorter handles) could gain the additional double-grip boost while retaining Knock Out (also with the boost) but not being useable for two-handed AoE attacks …

    — possibly flails also could be mixed one/two-handed weapons with lower single-grip but higher double-grip damage, and could regain a mid-damage AoE attack for two-handed use (with multiple hits possible); Lash would retain its current form for one-handed attacks, and basic wooden flails could remain as solely one-handed weapons …

    scramasaxes could have their damage lowered but become highly utilitarian mixed swords/daggers/cleavers with the Slash, Puncture and Decapitate skills, making them useful secondary weapons throughout the game (in keeping with the historical use of such weapons) …

    warbrands (while remaining poor versus armour) could become mixed swords/cleavers (raw damage similar to crypt cleavers) that can be used for Slash, Split, Swing or Decapitate attacks (with rhomphaias adjusted accordingly) …

    — maybe crypt cleavers could gain an AoE option (“Splatter”) costing 6 APs …

    bucklers and goblin reinforced skirmisher shields could inflict minor punching damage+fatigue when the Knock Back skill shifts an enemy …

    — maybe bigger and smaller variants of the round shield could be added (e.g. 12/12 and 18/18 defence values) …

    Avatar photoTrappist

    Kem – Just a few thoughts on your feedback.

    Warbrands are already better than Great Swords in certain situations: The main one is goblins as you can move two places to get up close and still attack. So while i agree the damage is not competitive their utility is massive. They are also good for Geists but getting close to and hitting Skirmishers before they can shank you is the main plus point. And Gobos are overall the toughest enemy type (by a long distance) in my opinion.

    Heavy Crossbows – I dont want to see these buffed. There is nothing scarier than a Master Archer stood on a hill with a Heavy Crossbow. He will already wreck your day, please he doesn’t need any additional help its already way unbalanced!!

    Avatar photoSirGroggy

    Retreat mechanics is the main thing which is broken in my opinion, if you could fix this mechanic during development this would improve the game immensely.
    The issue is that your company is virtually immortal if you retreat as soon as things are against you, because you just get a temporary injury which heals on all members. It is also asymmetric because the AI opponent cannot pull this move but you can, hence it is a massive cheat.

    Possible solutions:

    A) Randomly allocate minor injuries, permanent injuries, and deaths (according to some improved and more realistic formula). This is the most basic and least desirable, but better than the current system.

    B) Auto-calculate the actual retreat at high speed, in other words the AI takes over and tries to manually retreat the men step-by-step, and whoever cannot reach the edge is killed. It just simply automates (rapidly) the actual retreat with AI control, and the consequences are final.

    C) You could make manually retreating the company easier and actually viable instead of almost certain death for most members. The way to do this might be to hit a button (perhaps with a horn icon), sounding the retreat! (A nice horn sound could play. Note it should be a horn of retreat not a white flag of surrender – but I’m being autistic). Anyhow at this point the men could all have a retreat status in which they are unable to attack, but they are able to move through zones-of-control without being attacked. Also, perhaps their movement rate could be increased, or some other changes induced by the retreat. Perhaps they also have to drop their weapons and shield or something like (or a chance to do so), in order to be able to retreat at higher speed.

    The retreat mechanics should be symmetrical for the company and the enemy. Whatever options for retreat are available should be available to both sides – hence making it balanced, realistic and not feeling like a cheat which breaks the immersion.

    Fix the retreat mechanics and the game mechanics go from good to great – that’s my opinion.

    Avatar photoRusBear

    I agree that the mechanics of the retreat also need rework. It is clear that the question of retreating or not – is a personal matter for every player, such a real iron man inside. But now the retreat looks too casual : “Oh something went wrong, so now we run and try again”. + abuse of retreat for Monolith, Goblin city and so.
    Also need rework goblin shaman meh. 3-4 shamans looks like 100% outbalance units in 1 battle. In 3 turn possible to make your 11 level brothers like 1 level noobs. And shamans can make it all night long – every turn. Or make them use fatigue( a lot) for cast or no more then 1-2 shaman even in Goblin city.

    Avatar photoWargasm

    It’d also be cool if there were some options for setting technology caps for a campaign – e.g. defining which tiers/values of weapons and armour will be available in the game. Often, you have great fun adapting yourself to the currently available equipment in the early and mid game, but you know that you’ll need to go in a different direction to deal with bigger threats that will emerge later in the campaign, and this shift breaks some of the immersion in the game. Admittedly, technology caps would be hard to introduce, since the toughness of enemies would need to be adjusted accordingly … but it’d be great to have campaigns in which the most protective armours available are the heavy, inefficient ones looted from fallen heroes and ancient dead …

    Avatar photokem

    Kem – Just a few thoughts on your feedback.

    Warbrands are already better than Great Swords in certain situations:

    Heavy Crossbows – Master Archer w Heavy Crossbow.

    Goblins – crypt cleavers or famed cleavers are better, as they are guarantee oneshot. Warbrands often fail to oneshot even a mere skirmisher. Warbrands are inferior at any task.
    Gheists – spear is an ultimate +20% acc ghostbusting weapon. I don’t consider fieldimg WB for in ghosthunting with AOE as it is inferior to GS AOE.

    Why do you fear and Xbow? By that time you fielding orc level knights, 350+ armor absorbs Xbow hits with HP damage less than 10. That is before indomitable. You outrange an xbow, archer has poor/no head armor, so he is a frequent Bow’s oneshot victim. Goblin overseer is a more potent foe, but he wastes too much time whipping gobos.

    As for contribution to the topic

    Main difficulty with gobos comes from spell mechanics. It seems that shaman and necro can cast their spells with no direct LOS (reported that as a bug, got “as intended” response) fix from “any LOS to target” to “caster’s LOS to target” may make battles in question not as BS-y as it is currently.

    Avatar photoVera

    when you take a hard task where you have to kill a flock of animals and you know that most likely there will be heavy losses after the battle, but when you see the enemy and run to someone squad and only enter into battle, it turns out somehow dishonestly, that some outsider is forced to fight for you only because that he was near. and also in the beginning 4+ days before the battle with Hogarth you are not attacked by bandits, it would be good to do something about it.

    Avatar photoRusBear

    Since devs have already announced the changes in game mechanics, I decided to remind you of one interesting suggestion that was even more than a year ago in my suggestion topic.
    The idea is to introduce a separate branch of perks for brothers based on their backgrounds. For example, the “military” (soldier, sword master, knight, “craftsman” – mason, miller, apprentice and so on). Experience on this branch should come from completed quests (not battles), performed ambitions and possibly events. Perks can be directed at the development of the social component and for group management (thus this innovation will not violate the combat balance and will not require its hard revision) For example, the level of the apprentice in this branch can choose perk for reducing numbers of tools or increasing the speed of repair) Monk – to increase the speed cure group, etc.It can be several different perks in different levels to make this branch more personal for each player. Also, the brothers in reserve can also get experience in this branch and be useful as support at certain stages or for special purposes in game crises.

    Avatar photoThorHC

    A new priest class.
    You can unlock new special 1 active slot for a priest class in your battle roster (bound to priest quest line). Then you can hire priest in the temple. Priests have different perks then common battle brothers, new class brings new interactions between battle brothers. Priest can use only blunt weapons and cant use metalic armor. Noble armies now can have priests.

    Priest first ability Life energy can heal substantial portion of a comrade health in the battle or damage undead warrior. However, it needs a small blood sacrifice from a healer everytime it is used.
    Priest 2nd ability Sacred incantation can break morale of an undead soldier and turn him to flee if priest resolve is high enough, can also be used against greenskin/beast to calm it from a frenzy morale. It can also be cast on an ally to one time increase of damage and accuracy. Incantation costs fatique.
    Priest 3rd ability Magical fog puts 4 adjacent squares in to the misty fog which greatly increase ranged defense in those squares for 5 rounds. Fog also prevents reanimation of the (un)dead in that area, orc stunning jump / knockback and necrosavant darkflight. Can be cast only once per battle.

    Avatar photoThorHC

    I would like to see a 1H nimble duelist buff to be actually viable late game option to 2H heavy armour.
    Keypoint is to bring Initiative atribute to the table – right now its just garbage stat. I would rework dodge, anticipation and nimble perk to be directly bound to Initiative.

    Dodge perk give you 25% Initiative as a bonus to melee defense (0 range defense bonus).
    Anticipation perk give you same 25% current Initiative as a bonus to range defense.
    New Moxie perk (Tier 5/6) – 5% current Initiative as a bonus to Fatigue recover (so 100 Initiative = free Iron Lungs perk).
    Completly reworked Nimble perk – All penetrating HP damage is redirected to damage Fatigue pool instead of HP pool. HP damage is dealt only when Fatigue pool is depleted. Ability is restricted for non-metalic armor.

    Avatar photoForceEcho

    I would like to see a 1H nimble duelist buff to be actually viable late game option to 2H heavy armour.
    Keypoint is to bring Initiative atribute to the table – right now its just garbage stat. I would rework dodge, anticipation and nimble perk to be directly bound to Initiative.

    Dodge perk give you 25% Initiative as a bonus to melee defense (0 range defense bonus).
    Anticipation perk give you same 25% current Initiative as a bonus to range defense.
    New Moxie perk (Tier 5/6) – 5% current Initiative as a bonus to Fatigue recover (so 100 Initiative = free Iron Lungs perk).
    Completly reworked Nimble perk – All penetrating HP damage is redirected to damage Fatigue pool instead of HP pool. HP damage is dealt only when Fatigue pool is depleted. Ability is restricted for non-metalic armor.

    I think that’s a cool idea with the priest. Something very minimal by way of magic but still a whisper of magical undertone.

    "A plethora of peasents"

    Avatar photoDraugir

    Honestly I think what would be the most important is new battlezones. It gets tiresome after day 1000 you’ll still be fighting on bare grass hills. When I attack a castle of bandits, they should start in a castle, perhaps even with archers placed in towers. This could require even new skills in order for siege battles.

    Battles on ships should also be a thing, you could force the men to make casual initiative rolls during battle, or they’d fall which would make them unconscious for a round. That way people would also be more tempted to use light armor on ships.

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