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    New Enemy Faction: Cultist & Demons

    Was toying with ideas of what other faction/enemy group to add, and feel Cultist would fit well within the theme. (The demon part… well, maybe). Here is what I am thinking for enemy units and their tactics.


    Cultist Follower /Cultist Zealot
    The basic of cultist unit. Pose not much of threat, and equip like that of common peasant (but wear those cultist hoods). Their role is just to be a meat wall, as well as to provide bodies on the field.

    However, a more advance level would gain an extra ability, which they could drink an explosive brew. Once triggered, if they are killed, it will do minor damages to all enemies within melee range.

    A special cultist unit. She have a mind control or long range stunt ability. Not much threat by her self, but help support the group.

    Cultist Priest / Cultist High Priest
    The core of the Cultist group. Will usually face one in the mid level group, and many in late group. They act similar to Necromancer, in that they are a summoner type of class (but with some difference). They have several abilities, from group support to summoning. But their summon usually take a few turns.

    Cultist Brute
    Low armor, but with lots HP. Act as bodyguard to the Priest.

    Ritual Ring
    They are dark magic circles drawn on the ground with blood. Cultist don’t have much of Range, but they take that place. Every few turns, they would summon a low-level demon (Hell Hound and Imp) to attack. Any melee “attack” will kill it, and its stationary, but range attack will do nothing to it.

    Hell Hound
    Similar in spec like Wolf. But it has fear effect on successful hits.

    Small imp. Not much of damage threat, but very hard to hit. Use mainly as distraction. Also have taunt ability.

    Hell Warrior / Hell Knight / Demon Prince
    The most fearsome of the Cultist faction. They are heavily armor and well armed. (similar to that of Orc Warrior). They also increase in strength by how many bodies are around the battle field. They also have aura of fear, so anyone of your unit next to it will gain fear every turn.


    The lower cultist group will consist of a lot of cultist follower (almost 2x more than your group), 1 or 2 Ritual ring (randomly placed), a cultist priest and brute. They will just try to rush you and overrun you. Not much fear in killing power, but they are to tie you down, while the priest start and try to summon stream of Hell Hounds or a Hell Warrior. So they need to be take out as quick as possible.

    A mid group have more special units, like the Seducer an imp. Their job are still to distract and tie you down, while priest try to summon the big hitter.

    A high end group might already have a Hell Knight in the group. Should take them out, or the priest, before touch of the of peons, else they will gain in strength (the priest can also heal the Hell Knights too, or even summon new one).

    Player Strategy
    Cultist group have almost no range units. So having some of your own will help you a lot. Should send out a small “strike team group” to rush to their backline and kill off the priest. You don’t want to face a Hell Knight. Once the priest is down, and the summon circle is destroy, rest are just easy clean up.

    Since the Cultist group are just rag-tag peasants, you won’t get much from the loot. You could get cultist robe and tome from the priest. But if face a Hell Knight, you might get some Hell-forge weapons and armor too. They are very strong, but make the wearer loose some HP each turn in battle (it sap user’s life). However…. Flaming Axes!


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