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    Hey folks!

    I’m new here. I recently bought this game and it’s just great!
    Simple (and lovely) graphics, but challenging game mechanics, great RPG elements and a world with lot of potencial. Love it!

    Speaking of the world BB plays in there’re some ideas in my mind to make it deeper and give it some more “love”. Aw it is now, it’s pretty sweet, yet also pretty empty. Don’t get me wrong, of course it’s early access and already a great game!

    Well, here are some of my ideas, especially for the map (sorry if there’re already some of these somewhere else in the forums):

    – Implement dungeons! Dark places with creepy Monsters and big treasures make every game more fun. Let them spawn randomly while your Bros are exoloring the map. You can link this with another idea concerning Villages (look below).

    – In villages: Implement taverns! Where’s a band of sellswords which fight and die for gold there has to be a place where you can drink some beer or mead! Perhaps you also may find shady characters which know rumours about the region (for example where you can find a dungeon! So finding a dungeon could hapoen by accident which should happen very rarely, but it’s not impossible or you raise your chances by visting a tavern and talk to a shady person!)

    – In general: Implement more stuff to the map! At the actual state it can get boring to just click around and get attacked here or find a forgotten farmhouse there.

    – Reputation: Make it possible to play the good and/or bad guys! Be a bandit yourself and fight against caravans for the price of gaining bad reputation! When having a bad rep, make it possible to buy things and hire people in bandit camps instead of villages.

    – More random events: Your random events are very cool and I’m not so sure about tbis idea. Just add more of them and let them happen slightly more.

    That’s it for today. Just a few ideas for your already great game! Keep on the good work!


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