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    I really don’t believe it was necessary to change the way the Forest battlefields worked, they were great! The way the trees, logs and rocks were deployed truly gave an authentic feel to field. Choke points and paths not immediately apparent to you made every variation I came across exciting, Im going to put it blunt and say the new update is crap, basic, lazy even. I only just signed up, honestly to post this caus I feel strong about it, and Im not good around these forums things, so Im not sure if there is already a thread for this that might explain to me why you chose to change it this drastically. I found the “issue” you addressed in your patch notes were what made it so good! Forests are hap hazard, untamed, maze like places and you had it down pat! I hope this isn’t a final verdict on how Forest areas will be, tell me what its going to take to revisit this and change it to be more like how it was?

    Huge fan, I promo on your behalf free of charge ;)

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    Yep I was satisfied with an old forest too, but what is done is done – devs decided to simplify this based on an average feed back opinion.

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