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    Good Morning, so i have been thinking about the game e some new things, if you’re interested then follow me.

    1- That thigs o ethnicities, like a jap guy who have better melee poits or some egyptian who is good with archery somethigs like that. and be able to get slaves that you can choose to pay or not, of course all of this changes his mood

    2- Other is like a legendary place (like the witches, the ijirok, etc), this compound with a alchemist that will ask you to obtein 3 itens to his research, then you go to 3 places fight somekind of beasts or acient enemies but not this ones who we’re used to, get the itens and he will give you a potion, and the guy you give it will be transform in a mutant after 10 days of no using he, and get a buff in all, and be able to see further and in the dark.

    3- the other, the possibility of a new world (like the americas), where you can find
    indigenous people, diferent places and weapons, you get payd to escort a explorer or find new things, and help to destroy a tribe to form a small citie ad get some contracts there, but they pay little and don’t have a lot

    4- the possibilit of a different house invade you, a new crisis, of a diferent nation and ethnicity, you can be paid for helping to keep then way, or if you just let them be, a new house is formed.

    is just it guys, my suggestions, i’m not a english person so if ay grammar mistake don’t be too harsh with me, and my keyboard its not working the “N” and “O”, good day to everyone. Tchau

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