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    Some ideas that came to mind which might open up interesting new build possibilities (generalist weapon masters for example per Man at Arms)

    Tier 1:
    Formation Fighter: You gain +3 Resolve, Melee and Ranged Defense if you have an ally adjacent, or for each adjacent ally with this perk (Max +15), whichever is greater.

    Skulker: You are hidden while beside cover (other than combatants), and you remain hidden if you kill an enemy while hidden, or if you would begin and end a movement while hidden, ignoring zones of control during this movement.

    Night Fighter: The penalty to ranged accuracy and sight at night is reduced by 50%.

    Distract: You gain the Distract ability: Cost: 4 AP, 20 Fatigue: Applies a stack of Distract to an enemy. Each stack gives allies a +10% chance to hit the target, and gives the target a -10% penalty to hit all combatants other than you.

    Slippery: Your chance of escaping grabs, entangling roots and nets is doubled, and your defense is doubled against attacks of opportunity.

    Tier 2:
    Shield Parry: While equipped with a shield, gain the Shield Parry ability: Cost: 4 AP, 20 Fatigue. While this ability is active, whenever an adjacent enemy misses you with a melee attack, you immediately use the Knock Back ability against it. On a hit, it gains 10 Fatigue.

    From The Shadows: Attacks made against an enemy you’re hidden to or unseen by are guaranteed to hit the head (if they hit), ignore its melee defense bonus (including shields) and deal +20% damage to it. You can only benefit from this perk once per turn.

    Tier 3:
    Massed Assault: You gain +3 accuracy on attacks against enemies for each attack an ally has already made against them on the same turn.

    Thrill of the Kill: Once per turn, when you kill an opponent, you regain 20 Fatigue.

    Tier 4:
    Shield Mastery: Shield skills build up 25% less fatigue. Knock Back gains +20% accuracy, and each attack deflected by your shield while Shield Wall is active inflicts 5 Fatigue on the attacker.

    Master at Arms: Weapon abilities cost 10% less Stamina, and you gain +5% melee and ranged accuracy for each Mastery perk you have, including this one.

    Tier 5:
    Counterattacker: Each time an enemy misses you, you gain a stacking +10% accuracy and damage bonus on attacks against it until the end of your next turn or your next attack.

    Gruesome Flourish: When you kill an opponent, Resolve checks enemies make to avoid demoralization are made at a 50% penalty.

    Tier 6:
    Charge: You gain the charge ability per the Orcs: Cost 4 AP, 30 Fatigue.

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