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    Avatar photoOh Brother

    If you could view a potential hireling’s attributes/stats prior to recruitment, it would save a huge amount of time and hassle. Maybe add a tooltip when the cursor is hovering above a hireling before recruiting them.

    A wise general wins before the battle, while the ignorant general must fight to win - Zhuge Liang

    Avatar photoOh Brother

    Something like this.


    A wise general wins before the battle, while the ignorant general must fight to win - Zhuge Liang

    Avatar photokem

    That tooltip guarantees that dustards and cowards and other kind of astmatic hedge k ights will not make it into your ranks. That tool is usefull no questions, but muh gambling for a decent merc…

    Avatar photoTrappist

    I have to disagree, the risk of bad & imperfect recruits is part of the game.

    I would like to see Traits classified as Hidden, Visible or Trial

    Hidden are always a surprise (e.g. Dastard, Bleeder, Blood Thirsty, survivor)

    Visible are obvious to the naked eye, so should be shown on the recruit screen (e.g. Tiny, Fat, Strong)

    Trial stats would be revealed if you pay some gold (say 5 or 10% of hire cost) to put that recruit through his paces (e.g. Iron Lungs, Sure Footed, Dexterous, Asthmatic, Clumsy).

    Under this mechanic most traits would still be hidden. But it would really help the Ironman player in a sensible way.

    Avatar photoSirGroggy

    I like the current design where you have to look for clues before you hire them but you only find out the details by hiring.

    You have to take a bit of a risk sometimes.

    Avatar photoWargasm

    I think it’d be good for the early/mid game to have some selective revealing of traits and talents. In the late game, once you’ve got lots of gold, you can hire/fire non-professional recruits at will, and firing a mediocre recruit from one background guarantees that another (possibly better) recruit from that same background will soon appear at some settlement (i.e. firing more recruits increases your odds of finding a rare elite one).

    I’m not sure that the “Strong” trait would be visible to the naked eye, because the game treats the max-fatigue attribute as a mixture of strength and stamina (i.e. durability for performing assorted feats of strength/speed/power). Since weapon skills generally wouldn’t require super-human strength to be performed in the first place, it’s quite possible that one recruit with a vast muscle mass and a massive excess of strength for the skills would still tire out relatively quickly, whereas another with a more moderate muscle mass (but still more than enough strength for each skill) would be able to keep at it for ages.

    Avatar photoThorHC

    Imagine this:

    Every recruit has exactly 3 perks – one physique trait (strong, asthmatic, …), one moral trait (brave, disloyal, …) and one special trait (f.e. spartan, cocky, or some new traits).
    Physique trait should be visible to you when hiring (its plain dumb when you hire expensive clubfooted swordmaster…), however other two traits will be hidden till recruit`s first battle.

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