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    Avatar photoOh Brother

    How about adding holy water as a throwable splash weapon. Make it a single target ranged attack or target plus surrounding hexes. Only undead (and possibly other evil creatures added in future updates) would be affected. Available only in settlements with temples. Also slightly off-topic, is the addition of a specialized morning star or mace called “holy water sprinkler” which could have similar effects. Completely off-topic, undead do not have morale and do not flee. Correct me if I am wrong, but are ghouls not undead? They break easily, and get routed, is this because of an oversight or because ghouls are not undead in BB? Or is this because ghouls have some semblance of intelligence.

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    Avatar photohar101

    Too “high fantasy” for me.

    Just saying.

    Avatar photoMGL

    In my opinion, throwing holy water seems like exactly the kind of low-fantasy superstition that might fit BB. Assuming its not too strong, maybe just debuffs their melee defense/attack or something like that this could be a cool addition that really enforces the whole, you have to prepare and plan for how to fight different enemies thing that seems to be a goal.

    Avatar photoactionjack

    Hmm… I feel mix about it.
    I don’t mind it, but feel the holy water concept is too “Christian”?
    Could see more like a concoction of like salt, garlic, and even silver dust?

    On related topic, could see a series of grenade like throwables too. From like burning oil in small clay pots, to more advanced black powder version (more for shock than kill). Even a poison cloud gas bomb? Assume there are some alchemist hut somewhere.

    Avatar photohar101

    I like that idea better, anyway. But I feel like there are more pressing things to add or change first.

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