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    Hi Devs & all,

    First off all sorry my English.Yesterday i was lost in steam game search and found this awesome game!!! Directly bought it and began to play. Played 5 hours in a row :D, it seems game has a great potential!!! I never write posts in offical game forums or others or steam etc. But i couldnt stop myself to write post in here. Why? Because this game really has a great potential unlike other overhyped early access games. And i have some questions to devs or other players about gameplay;

    1- Is there way to attack to trade caravans?
    2-My saved game crashed exactly at day 39 night. No matter what i did, it just crashes.
    3- Raiding cities? Is it implemented?


    Avatar photoRap

    Hey, glad you like the game! :)

    1) No, not currently possible.

    2) Can you attach your savegame here or send it to if you prefer? You’ll find it at C:\ProgramData\Overhype Studios\Battle Brothers\savegames – that directory may be hidden for you, so just entering it into your Explorer window and pressing enter should take you there.

    3) No, not currently possible.

    Thanks for your help.

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