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    So I just got this game for first time on recommendation and am antsy to get into it. When I start up the game and it brings me to the title screen everything works fine. I can open Options/credits/tutorials and they all seem bring me to the intended place. However when i click new game it brings me to a screen where I can click either of the two origin options but that’s it. Like shouldn’t there be a difficulty setting? a start button? etc. Its mostly a blank page with nowhere to go and nothing to do other than reread the origin story options 6 times. I have restarted the computer multiple times and reinstalled the game multiple times. Btw this is from Windows 10.

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    Could you provide a screenshot of your problem?
    By the way, after you select an origin and click “next” you will be able to modify other aspects of the game, then you click “next” again and then you can change the difficulty settings.

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