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    Avatar photoRedArmy

    Hi, I played 304 days on veteran. And win all late game crises.
    But a havent seen any unique: Billhooks, Greatswords, Longaxes, Daggers,Two-Handed Hammers.
    I casually tried to find them (good relations with noble houses, tried deliver caravans to the right places to make well supplyed status).

    Is this situation normal, or I just have no luck?

    Avatar photoSekata

    Really depends. You can just about avoid having any chance of finding them if you don’t do a few things with a fair amount of frequency.

    1. Do you pursue tavern rumors of unique items that you hear when buying a round for the bar (not for your company)

    2. Do you visit armories frequently? The chances that this will work are greater when you have good standing with the house that owns the armory, and after escorting a caravan to a stronghold with an armory.

    I’ve seen them much less frequently in the hands of bandit leaders and orc warriors. Of the above two strategies, I’ve found the second most useful for actually finding unique items.

    Avatar photoAnonymous

    Probably just unlucky. Spent about 200ish days in one campaign without ever seeing a single named helmet. It happens.

    To improve your chances you can do caravan escort missions to towns(or even better stone citadels/cities) with armorer/weaponsmith. When the Town gets the “Well Supplied” satus those shops have a good chance of spawning named stuff.

    Avatar photoRedArmy

    Thx, i dont know about tavern rumors. Is this method give you some unique?

    Avatar photoNamespace

    Thx, i dont know about tavern rumors. Is this method give you some unique?

    They sometimes tell you stories like. “Captain of militia deserted and raided armory” or “Gravediggers looking for a famed shield somewhere” stuff like that.
    You have to pay attention to what they are saying. You can get up to 5 statements (first text + paying for 4 rounds). I think you pay about 26 or 28 crowns per round, so it will only be worth doing so once you hit the mid game. Early I think it’s a bit too expensive.

    Avatar photoIoci

    you should go pray more often at the altar of the Goddess, known as Karma the Beach.

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