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    Hello makers of this great game!

    1) I am playing BB via Steam checking updated daily. Last night i had a different quest. One noble house asked me to teach one town how difficult world is without their protection. Basicly my quest is the burn down one of their farm but when i arrive the farm i had some texts which are nice i get excited then loading screen started and game crashed at loading screen. i tryed couple of times (restarting game) to pass the screen but notting changed. I cenceled contract to keep going and naturally my rep. decresed.

    2) On world map i have seen two swamp tile blinking on top of each other. its not really big deal just visual.

    3) Another quest bug. While carriying my cargo to another town i stopped at one tavern on the road to take a rest just after that i had a text asking me to track thiefs who stole my cargo. Bad thing is there are no tracts around. Still i looked around to see any sign of thief sadly notting to be found. Again i cenceled my contract to get a new one.

    i hope it helps. Thanks!

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