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    Hi, after some hours on the beta release I can say that the game is very, very good now!
    The Ancient Dead faction is really nice, they are gorgeous and really deadly.
    So, I don’t know if it’s normal but even after getting pretty notorious and reliable in the Relations Tab, no Noble House contracts are available.
    I fulfilled one ambition, thinking that’s maybe why they don’t want to hire me, but no I still can’t get any damn contracts.

    So one question : how can you get Noble Houses contracts?

    Avatar photoKuroi_Kaze

    You need to get special ambition “Get noticed by noble Houses” or something like this. After doing it you will get contracts from them.

    Avatar photoAnonymous

    Oh ok, the only one I did is getting the banner, thought it might help me get noticed but no.
    Thanks for the answer!

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    And reputation must be “professional”.

    Avatar photoNed Stark

    Remember, you must also get senpai to notice you.

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