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    Maybe add a faction that is Nomads, who wear simple armor, mainly leather, sometimes chainmail, who tend to use weapons such as spears, swords, maces, and bows

    -10% are archers, bow, 10 arrows, leather armor,
    -50% are simple sword and shield, leather armor,
    -20% use spears, leather armor,
    -15% use maces with shields and leather armor,
    -5% use Spears and have Brigandine (they are kind of leaders)

    They tend to be more in hill areas, making their towns on top of a big hill, if they make towns. There would be “rouge nomad” bands exploring and looting, and they are pretty rare and pretty deadly. They always have one leader with them, and they try and protect him. This leader might be the kind of one that has a named weapon, since they are deadly and rare.

    They have no cities, towns, but they do have one castle, and multiple camps. The camp is the home of the famed Sha’Zar the Dark, the Nomad Leader. He is the wielder of a legendary Bow, known as: Nazahar’s Wrath, an heirloom (if needed i will expand on the history) kept for generations by the nomads. Gear:

    -Nazahar’s Wrath: An extra shot per round, dealing extra damage, and unlimited arrows.
    -Chainmail Armor

    He is guarded by the famed 7 Nomads. Each are named, and (have a chance to) have unique weapons named after them, dealing more damage than normal.

    Galahar: Archer, (chance) named bow, chainmail armor, 10 arrows.
    Hadavar: Spearman, (chance) named spear, chainmail armor.
    Shalazar: Spearman, (chance) named spear, chainmail armor.
    Baravar: Maceman, (chance) named mace, brigandine armor.
    Manavar: Maceman, (chance) named mace, brigandine armor.
    Ranavar: Swordsman, (chance) named sword, chainmail armor.
    Adavar: Swordsman, (chance) named sword, chainmail armor.

    All of them are deadly, and their leader, Sha’Zar the Dark, is of course the deadliest of them all. This fight is easy to get to, but hard to win. This is a late game fight.They dwell in the castle on a mountain near the back of the nomad lands. Nazahar’s Peak is the name of it, and it is where the 7 and their leader dwell. (this might be a stronghold that the mercs can take over, as pointed out in my other suggestion)

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