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    A viking faction has been mentioned often enough, but so far I haven’t seen any more specific ideas on how it would look, and how it would work like.
    So here are a few notes I made and want to know what you think:

    Instead of a single viking faction, there could be one new faction, the Northmen (or anything similar) and the vikings. The vikings are bandits to the Northmen faction, like the regular bandits are to the towns and villages we have right now.

    But the vikings work a bit different. They are not necessarily down-on-luck people, but rather young men who want to plunder for riches and fame. They also don’t attack caravans or locations that belong to the Northmen faction. Instead they travel to other countries and rob them!

    Still, the vikings don’t belong to the Northmen faction and have their own bases. You could say, the Northmen simply tolerate the vikings.
    Vikings spawn at the camps, like our bandits do. They can board a boat by “entering” a Northmen town, Northmen village, or (new location!) shipyard. Vikings that possess a ship roam the seas and land the ship on a beach. The hex tile where they land is automatically converted into a viking lair from which they invade other countries. When they have amassed enough loot, they enter their lair which turns back into a ship, and sail home.

    The Northmen are neutral or friendly to the player, the same like towns and villages at the moment. The vikings are neutral toward the player and other mercenary companies, but hostile to everything else, except the Northmen. If reputation is implemented it’s possible that they turn hostile toward the player.
    The player can always attack viking by simply moving near them. An interaction windows pops up, which has the option to attack them. Attacking vikings doesn’t deteriorate the relation with the Northmen.

    Vikings in detail:
    – Can use ships
    – Are better equipped then the regular bandits and have high hitpoints and resolve. Usually use chainmail of all qualities.
    Their units are:
    – Viking Skirmisher (throwing weapons, round shields, axes)
    – Viking Berserker (work similar to the orc berserker)
    – Viking Hersir (tank-like units with very heavy armor)
    – Viking Captain (wears scale armor and combines the abilities of Berserker and Hersir.

    Northmen Units:
    – Northmen Bondi (uses spear and shield, sometimes throwing spears) like the militia
    – Bondi Veteran
    – Northmen Huskarl (like the Landsknecht)
    – Elite Huskarl (like the veteran Landsknecht)
    – Norhtmen Warlord (like a knight or lord).

    Other additions:
    More monsters – snow and mountain-themend, sea-themed.
    – Trolls, can cross water tiles, slowly regenerate themselves
    – Giant Boars, can charge into the battle brothers, pushing them away and stunning them (yeah kinda like orcs, but they move fast!)
    – Sea Devils, large crabs with long legs that float in the sea. Can detect the movement of ships and use their long legs the climb up. Hunt in large groups and rely on surrounding and overwhelming the enemy. They can reduce the durability of weapons when they attack, so you should have some extra weapons with you! They can also grab the brothers. Grabbed brothers can’t act, except for trying to get free, like if they were caught in a net. As long as they don’t get free, the brother takes guaranteed little damage every turn. Another way to get freed is having other brothers attack the Sea Devil. Every attack has a chance to break the grabbing.
    -Underwater caves, dungeons with pools of water in which monster can hide. The water itself is impassable for the brothers, but not for trolls, sea devils or other new enemies.

    Have ideas yourself? Tell and I’ll add them!

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