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    But once,when i was traveling to a village,there was the orcs and undead armies “attacking” the same village (that’s ok?)
    Then,i came to fight with orcs and undead came to a party too,because they was close to us on map…
    You know what was next?
    Undead and orcs almost fully killed each other and i killed the remains…That’s ok? If its ok,then orcs and other factions must attack each other on the map(i know that some factions do it already of course,but orcs with undeads are not!)
    So,take a look at that.Sorry,i forgot to make some screenshots,but i don’t think they are needed…
    Oh,and one more thing…In that battle was an orc warrior head lying on the ground upper on ohe hex than a “dry tree”(with two thin branches)…And its looked like the head was hanging on a branch,right with orc’s eye…I think you guys could have a look and change some sprites placement?
    There a tree which looks the same(Not sure if it is)

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    Oh,here is an appropriate one…

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    Different AI factions fighting each other is working as intended. They may also attack each other on the worldmap. This goes for orcs and undead as well.

    Thanks for letting us know about the sprite issue. I’ll take a look.

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    There are dozens of little bugs already,just dont remember them…But think i’ll find out.

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