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    It’s been fun for about 10 hours but now things are beginning to become boring, there’s nothing to do. Battling the same skeletons or bandits at this rate is just getting boring, there’s no new enemies or unique quests that keep the game interesting. It becomes a grind is what I’m trying to say, it doesn’t feel as if I am achieving anything. My gear is almost maxed and my guys are high leveled, I got 8000 gold but nothing to spend it on. I cant build a castle, I cant pick a fight with outposts, I cant raid villages or caravans. I’ve been to every castle and city on the map multiple times and theres never anything new or interesting to do or buy. There’s a shortage of things to do and I’m disappointed because I expected much more out of a game like this.
    Will there be more things added once it’s out of early access? At this point I feel like not expanding the gameplay is a bunch of wasted potential.

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    Well, the game has been released to Early Access just three weeks ago and has a whole year of Early Access ahead. Of course there is going to be a lot more added; that’s the point of having the game in Early Access for a year. As it is now, we consider the game a solid foundation upon which we can build a truly good game. It should be pretty obvious, however, that it is by no means a finished game yet. You can find more information about what is planned on this very website.

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    There’s still approximately 11 months of early access to go (or maybe even longer), so quite a bit of content will still get added. ;) Stuff like the actual end-game, event system, deeper quest system and legendary items all haven’t been implemented yet. There are also loads of details that will get tweaked or put in to as time passes – like the goblin faction, dungeon locations, improved AI, etc.
    Early Access has so far mostly been focused on doing bug fixes, but I think that we’ll eventually see the number of updates decrease and in turn see more content get added.

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    AS pointed out before, EA has just started, but I have clocked 75 hours so far and I’m still entertained.

    I possibly have started about 25 campaigns so far, trying new tactics or just messing around with the mechanics.

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    End game is a bit empty but you can make your own objectives, for example i am actually trying to make the country as safe and wealthy as possible

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    Undoubtedly, everyone is waiting for content. The content is always good. Viking helmets and armor decorated with the wolf fur – I would have bought it already as DLS with red boots for 1.99( if you know what I mean… ) But the most important thing for me in games is the foundation – which either gives me entertain himself or not. And it already depends from the bright minds of the developers and no graphics , shaders and sexy girls here will not help. Battle brothers have such a basis. I am interested to play game: tactics, mechanics, I enjoy these beautiful faces of my boys and the wonderful sound of flies head bandit. I picked men in my company only with the “correct” – so I liked the background. Armed exclusively with axes and spears. Wore the same helmets, had built a wall of shields equip all swords and set all on the counter attack – I’m talking about what the game allows you to entertain yourself – if you can – and that’s fine. It is a pity that at the moment – 11 level high. I feel that my good warriors could achieve a lot more :)

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