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    There are several mechanics that player can at best guess effect of. Please make them more transparent.
    – Collateral targets of ranged attack. Need to show hit probabilities for all potential targets, otherwise shooting at obstructed target is a lottery. Also, show who will get affected by Overwhelm. Because I’ve seen 2 bros affected by single ranged attack.
    – New morale mechanics: chance to lose morale on approach for friendlies (at least in log), chance to inflict morale damage to enemies. In fact explaining calculations for all morale related events wouldn’t hurt (some mini-guide in game?).
    – Rally: chance of raising morale level for all potentially affected allies (on hovering rally skill, for example).
    – New nimble mechanics: how many charges, when they are spent (flying icon like wounds/morale loss? Haven’t leveled enough to see in action, apologize if it is already something like this). Also better explanation text that says by what formula amount of charges is determined.

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