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    In particular these two:

    “Suggestion that should be easy to implement:
    Make the tooltip telling what terrain type the camp you’re about to attack is located on a toggle under gameplay options.
    In case you want to give yourself a little bit more of a challenge, NOT knowing about the terrain beforehand.”

    “Another suggestion that should be easy to implement:
    A toggle (under Gameplay options) that turns on/off the markers of the mortar ball’s AoE when coming down/hitting the ground.
    Again, just in case you want to make it a bit more challenging for yourself. Thanks for considering.”

    The terrain type tooltip is also redundant and doesn’t really net any new or useful information in most cases.

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    Surely everybody can figure out on their own that “this location is in the desert”, in this particular example.

    Any chance we might see these implemented before development on Battle Brothers comes truly and finally to an end? Assuming ‘Blazing Deserts’ was the last expansion…

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    Not being shown where exactly the mortar ball is going to land would also be more in line with those earliest mortar designs probably not being very accurate and precise in their targeting too.
    There’d be this nice sense of uneasiness and uncertainty always keeping you on your toes and your fingers crossed that none of your Brothers are where the ball hits next round.

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